PROJECT 333: It Begins...

Recently I have been really inspired to create my own capsule wardrobe and invest in things that will last me throughout the seasons. I read about Project 333 last year and knew I wanted to give it a go.
Amidst a huge clear out and then three months living from a backpack I kinda forgot about the project until I watched 'Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things' on Netflix last week, and it features the creator of the project and re-lit the fire in my belly! (P.S You should totally watch it!)
I know that I can live with very few clothes as I spent three months living out of a 40L backpack. A few dresses, shorts and lightweight tees were perfect for travelling around the warmth of SE Asia however when I got back to the UK in the middle of winter, I knew I'd definitely need to add a few more layers and cosy clothing.

I'm currently staying at my boyfriend's parent's house until we find a place of our own. So, I actually only have a capsule wardrobe here with me, although I have six bin bags full clothes in the caravan ready to go when car booty season arrives.

I've done my primary sort out for my JAN/FEB/MARCH capsule, I have around forty items and it's very obvious that I have some sort of jumper and roll-neck obsession. I LOVE THEM ALL. I'd rather have two pairs of trousers and ten jumpers. So it does need a little refining...

I'm going to venture out to the charity shops and see if I can find the perfect denim pencil skirt, along with a good dress that I can wear over my jazzy tops and by itself too.
I'm pretty good at spotting practically new things at the charity shop (If I say so my'sel) and I know a good brand when I see one, so hopefully I can still buy a few 'new to me' bits.

I know when I was at university, with my part-time job and student loans I always went for quantity over quality. My mindset was: studying a fashion course should mean that you always express yourself through new pieces, so I wasn't too keen on repeating outfits and I always tried to switch things up. In first-year, Primark was my usual haunt along with student discount days at New Look.

Looking through my wardrobe now I don't have a single item of clothing that I bought new during that time frame, they either fell apart or were very faddy trends that would look ridiculous now!
In fact, I'm proud to say that over 90% of the items in my wardrobe have been bought secondhand.
Now my aim is to buy classic pieces that will withstand my '30 wears'* initial test but will last for years to come.

* I can't remember where I originally saw the 30 wear idea, but if you can't commit to wearing something at least thirty times it ain't for you!

So I'll be writing about my experience with living with less and hopefully it'll have a positive outcome. If you're interested in taking part in the project, let me know! It's always great to have a little online gang of folk with similar interests :)

Do you think you could survive with only 33 items of clothing for three months?

Thanks For Reading,
Rachelle xxx

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