The Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide For Gals 2016

Ahh, it's the week before Christmas! You've still not bought anything for that pesky vegan friend or family member. Time is ticking, what do vegan's even like anyway?!

Well, most vegan ladies are just like 'normal people' and like chocolates, smellies, make-up, booze and candles. You just need to take a little extra time and make sure that the aforementioned don't contain any animal by-products, which is easier said than done. 
I have been enjoying the vegan lifestyle for over two years now so I've been exploring the interwebz to find my favourite Christmassy gift ideas.
So here is a little list to inspire you, my friend :)

*Prices and availability are subject to change (it is Christmas after all!)

If your vegan friend has some of those green fingers, a plant is a perfect gift. These Ginseng Bonsai trees from Ikea are cute and remind me of that weird root baby from Pans Labyrinth.

Practical and fun! If you know a vegan who loves cooking and being organised this will be the perfect gift!

Bath bombs are the best! A lot of lush products display the vegan sign if you're not sure what is suitable. This 'yoga bomb' smells incredible and creates a spa experience in your bathroom for under a fiver-bargain!

Avocados and pins are so hot right now, so if you combine the two you're onto a winner! It'll look so cute on the vintage denim jackets or fastened onto a rucksack.

I'm sure many of you will have seen these before. The hilarious yet massively practical banana guard. I LOVE bananas they are my life source, but there is nothing worse than a squidgy, black banana at the bottom of your bag. Yes, your friends might initially think that you are insane but so much fruit logic! Plus they fit ALL sizes of bananas ;)

Vegans love snacks! Everyone loves snacks but when you're vegan you gotta carry around emergency rations in case you can't find anything suitable to eat close-by. Perfect for fruit, bliss balls and hummus n carrots. These ones from paperchase are especially cute.

Most vegans care about the world, and the quest to eliminate plastic bags is a noble one. Henceforth a canvas tote bag is a great stocking filler.

Hygge is the traditional Danish way of brightening up the coldest winter months and embracing that 'cosy' feeling. Exactly what we need to embrace a gloomy British Winter.

These slippers are adorable. Any animal-themed novelty slipper would go down a treat but I particularly love the bunnies.

I think that Crazy Rumours lip balms have the most amazing flavours! I've only tried a few but I've loved them all (hello apple cinnamon!)
These little boxes are a sweet way to try out four different flavours.

A candle is a simple yet thoughtful gift, especially when it's in a festive, spicy scent! Woodwick candles are vegan-friendly, smell amazing and last for months. Please bring back the rum and raisin scent Woodwick!

If you're looking for the perfect leather alternative look no further than Rubber killer! Made from reclaimed rubber, this pouch is ideal as a waterproof washbag or makeup bag.

I can't believe I've been vegan for two years and no-one has ever bought me Booja Booja chocolates! Sad Christmas. I hear these are the BEST dairy-free, cruelty-free chocolates around. Plus the box itself is so beautiful! They do also do cheaper boxes under £10 so it's definitely worth checking them out.

I haven't actually tried the Pai range, but they always seem to get rave reviews online. This starter set is a little pricier but for all those skincare lovers, it would make a lovely gift. They even make the muslin cloth sound super-amazing. I must try and get my hands on one :)

So many alcoholic drinks are accidentally vegan, check barnivore if you're not sure. A creamy liqueur is often difficult to find a vegan alternative. Luckily Besos De Oro have come to the rescue with their take on Irish cream.

Neve make-up brushes are amazing! Super-soft and available in an array of majestic colours. I love this case to keep them all together, so they don't get squashed and lose their magic powers.

Whilst everyone and their dog is going crazy over the Naked palettes, they're tested on animals you know :'( 
Lily Lolo to the rescue with this 'Pedal To The Metal' palette. Gorgeous shades perfects for day and night. Super long-wearing and highly pigmented, a fab prezzie for all the glam vegans of the world.

I love the smell of Pacifica perfumes but to be honest I always forget about them when I think of gifts, probably because they're not easily found in the shops! The Indian Coconut Nectar range smells deeevine! Plus its only £15 for a bottle and it comes in gorgeous packaging.

So I hope that this list has helped you to think of some gift ideas for the lovely vegans in your life :)
Let me know if you decided to buy anything from the list!
Thanks For Reading,
Rachelle x

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