#ECOBABE: Jessie From Tiny Yellow Bungalow

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I hope you are all well. I thought I'd start a new feature here on the blog to shine a spotlight on my favourite #ecobabes from around the world! I know there are so many inspiring #girlbosses who are making the world a much better place with their unique spin on a sustainable lifestyle! 

My first interview is with Jessie, from Tiny Yellow Bungalow. A website with invaluable advice on an eco-friendly lifestyle, and an online shop filled with stylish, sustainable pieces to make the transition to a zero waste lifestyle easier! Jessie's carefully curated picks are cute, ethical and vegan! A girl after my own heart, here's what she had to say...

When did you first become interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Unfortunately, I didn't really have an "A-ha!" moment when transitioning to a more eco-conscious lifestyle but it all really began in February of last year. I was living in a tiny yellow bungalow (hence the blog name!) in Houston at the time, and it was the first place, living on my own, that had a backyard. I was so excited to start a little garden in the yard! I began experimenting with gardening, composting, and sustainability, and it just sort of tumbled-weeded from there. I decided to start a blog to document what I was learning and also in hopes of encouraging others to try it out for themselves. 

Do you have any recommendation for books/documentaries that really changed your perspective?

I have a list on my website of my favorite resources! Here's a link:

Tell us, what has been your favourite secondhand purchase?

I can't really say I have a favorite secondhand purchase. My little bungalow is furnished with all of my favorite hand-me-downs, secondhand finds, and roadside gems. A lot of my furniture is from family, and my walls are decorated with estate sale paintings. I have lots of books to read, thanks to my favorite used bookstore. And if you consider four-legged friends as secondhand purchases, then my sweet mutt, Polly, that I adopted five years ago definitely tops the list! :) 

Who's blogs/websites do you turn to when you need some serious eco-inspiration?
I love Bea Johnson's Zero Waste Home for tips on reducing waste. Beth Terry's My Plastic Free Life has been crucial in eliminating nasty plastics from my home. And Angela Liddon's Oh She Glows is my go to website for yummy plant-based recipes. 

What advice would you give to those who are wanting to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle?

For someone new to the idea of sustainability, I would recommend to just be conscious of your daily decisions. Start by swapping disposables for their more eco-friendly reusable counterpart, like carrying your own grocery bags, travel coffee mug, water bottle, etc. Start eliminating plastics in your daily life, and research more sustainable alternatives like those we carry in our online shop. On a grander scale, maybe consider starting a small garden and composting. 

If you could only eat one vegan meal for the next year what would it be?
Black Beans & Quinoa :) It's my staple meal without a doubt! It is so simple to prepare and I love that I can freeze half of what I prepare to save for later to enjoy. 

Describe your ideal work day...

I spend a lot of my day at home on the computer researching and filling orders for my little eco shop but my ideal work day is when I have a Tiny Yellow Bungalow booth at local events. I absolutely love getting to talk to people about sustainability and how simple and fun it really can be. Leading a more environmentally conscious life is something I'm very passionate about and I love when I can spark other people's interest in doing kind things for the planet. 

& Finally, What is your favourite item in your shop?
That's such a tough question, I love everything haha! Really though, I've worked very hard to curate a shop filled with products I believe in and support truly with my whole heart. All of the products in our shop are not just earth-friendly and functional but absolutely adorable! 

Thank you so much Jessie for letting me pick you brains! Y'all should head over to her shop and look at all the gorgeous eco-friendly products or check out her Instagram here.
What are your thoughts on adopting a more sustainable lifestyle?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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