THRIFTY TIPS: 5 Things To Do At The Flea Market To Snag Those Whimsical Bargains

I don't know about you guys but I am really exciting for the upcoming car boot season! I used to be a regular at Preston flea market and I have have picked up a few good tips which I thought I would share with you savvy, secondhand bargain-hunters. In Cumbria I am yet to find a decent flea market but there is a brilliant car boot every Sunday when the season starts after Easter. It's on the A6 near Carnforth so it's in the middle of nowhere basically. Although this means that you get lots of people from surrounding areas flogging their treasure!

#1 Master Your Poker Face.
OMG the most perfect pineapple lamp, the exact same one that you pinned on your life’s most wanted Pinterest board last week. Stay cool stay cool. Must. Not. Squeeeeee.
If a stallholder can see that you’re obviously excited about an item they will instantly know that you will buy it & probably amp up the price tag. Instead mull over it, sounds disinterested & casually ask what price they have on the lamp. Yeah it’s cute but you don’t NEED it (lies.lies.lies)
If the price is too much then move onto step number 2 my friend.

#2 The Price Is Right
Most stallholders have a price they want for something in their mind. This is their goal price. I promise you they’ll make it sound like they are so hard done by. And they couldn’t possibly stretch any lower. But be a little minx and persevere. Obviously if they want £20 offering a fiver isn’t going to get you anywhere and they’ll think you’re taking the pee.  Try smiling sweetly, saying that you weren’t planning on buying anything but you’d like to offer them £15. If they deny, thank them and walk away from your dream lamp!! Man this is hard, it’s like abandoning kittens or something but usually the stallholder will give in and accept a lower offer. If they don’t they are exceptionally cunning & you should watch the stall like a hawk so no one else steals your Pinterest dreams & then go back later and pay the full price...

#3 Dress The Part
Dress for practicality, make sure you have enough layers on coz if you get there early it’s gonna be chilly. Also this might come across as a bit snobby but don’t dress up & wear your flashy designer clothes & fancy shoes & latest it-bag because if people think you have cash to flash then you won’t get all the best bargains. Play it down, rock some normcore/grunge trends ;)
But then ironically you should have cash...

#4 Keep That Purse Full
Make sure you have cash on you, and make sure that you have backup money in case you find something you just have to have! I’m a bugger for not carrying cash with me but luckily my local flea market has a few cash points nearby. Make sure you have smaller change as you don’t want to pillage all the stallholders’ pennies.

#5 Pack The Essentials

The flea market survival kit consists of: A backpack, with a bag for life (or 6) inside, bring snacks coz doughnuts and generator fuelled trailers are not usually a nutritional pit-stop. Hand sanitiser coz you honestly don’t know where things have been! A fully charged phone is always handy so you can send Watsapps for a second opinion.

I absolutely love snagging a bargain, let me know if you use these tips :)
What is your favourite & best flea market/car boot find?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I love your points!! Although when I think about bartering and walking away I always think of the scene in Absolutely Fabulous when they want the rug in Morocco and she walks away!

    I havent been to a carboot yet this year but cant wait to haggle and practise my poker face :)

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I need to watch Ab Fab! I'm such a rubbish fashion lady haha 😂
      Yess the car booty season starts again at the end of the month, can't wait! Xx

  2. Ooh I'm terrible for walking away at car boot sales (without even asking the price) and then regretting it, going back to find something and can't remember where it was! I actually DID get a bargain pineapple ice bucket at Preston Vintage fair in Avenham Park a couple of years ago AND got a discount after walking away :) your tips are spot-on Rachelle!

    1. Thanks m'dear! Aww I used to live on Avenham park so I remember the festival well! Such a good pineapple find, I'm hoping to find one at a car boot this year :) x


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