HELP: Vegan & Cruelty-Free Beauty Alternatives & Dupes

So 9 months (where has the time gone!!) after leaving The Body Shop I'm starting to notice my make-up stash it truly dwindling. I've not really bought new make-up as I've been trying to use up what I have so I can finally start a fresh with all vegan cosmetics! I bought a Tarte foundation in June which I absolutely love and I'm coming to the end of it now. Although it is £36, I don't mind paying that for a quality product that lasts a long time. However, I no longer have a monthly wage to splurge on make-up! I'm trying so hard to save for a travelling adventure I don't want to invest almost half my weekly wage on some warpaint!

I have noticed that my skin is much clearer now! *touch wood* I've always suffered from acne prone skin and it seems like my vegan diet, drinking lots of water and simplifying my skincare regime has worked wonders! Still by no means perfect but I have left the house skipping foundation recently which I haven't done in years. I always opt for full coverage foundation but I think I can get away with something a little lighter.

I always found it difficult working in beauty retail and suffering from oily/acne skin because customers are generally judging the product based on your skin! My skin was rubbish so I piled on more make-up and thus the vicious cycle began!

I have a few non-cruelty free products that I need to replace without breaking the bank so I thought all you lovely cruelty-free, beauty bloggers might be able to help a gal out with some recommendations:


Vichy Dermablend
I've been a big fan of Vichy Dermablend for years as their products are really pigmented but also really light on the skin. Unfortunately, they test on animals so I'm going to have to find a suitable alternative.

Need to replace:
  • Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick
  • Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 16 Hour
  • Dermablend Corrective Loose Setting Powder

The Body Shop
Oh old faithful that has filled my make-up bag for the past 8 years, how will I survive without you. As much as I feel obliged to represent The Body Shop, a lot of the make-up products I used weren't vegan and although Loreal as a parent company never really bothered me before I'd rather choose to buy from a more ethical company.

Need To replace
  • Moisture Foundation
  • Lightening Touch Eye Concealer
  • Honey Bronze Light Matte Bronzing Powder
  • Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

Collection (2000)
I, like every other blogger under the sun, love the Lasting Perfection Concealer but I haven't been able to find the light shade ANYWHERE in months, plus these guys apparently test on animals too :'( So I'd love to find a light, creamy, hydrating concealer to replace my empty one.

Need To Replace:
  • Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light

I've never ever been loyal to one mascara brand, I always try a new one and end up disappointed. My favourite one ever has to be the Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara but I haven't had one for a couple of years as Maxfactor test on animals :'( If I could find one with that same brush I would be so happy! Cheap mascaras tend to be crap!
Same for pencil eyeliners, I just bought whichever was cheapest so if anyone can recommend a decent vegan one that is fairly soft, that would be fab.

Need To Replace:
  • Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara
  • Any generic kohl black eyeliner pencil

When I sharpened the last, little stub of my Illamasqua lip liner last week and the pigment was all gone, I was genuinely heartbroken. I'd done so much in 'Bait', lived my life, partied and worked all in this fluoro hot pink shade but now it is no more. Now I'm looking for the next new shade that will accompany me everywhere.  I'm finding it difficult to find any vegan lipliners as they all seem to contain beeswax. Also, a stain would be nice as I used to wear The Body Shop lip and cheek stain with a balm on top and that was my easy everyday lip.

Need To Replace:
  • Illamasqua Bait Lipliner 
  • The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain 

I would be super-duper grateful if you have any recommendations based on this post or just any awesome vegan brands that you love :)
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Did u ever find a cruelty free dermablend alternative? I desperately need one!! Xx


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