OH HELLOOOO...I'm back :)

Hello everyone,
Wow, so I have been a little absent haven't I...
It's been all go here in my cosy caravan. I've been promoted to manager of a local, indie gift shop which has taken up a lot of my time as I am the only member of staff! I'm not complaining though it's a great learning curve for me. If I was back in the city I doubt someone would give me the opportunity to run a shop! Whilst it's low season up here in the lakes I work Thursday-Saturday, Saturday night-Tuesday morning I spend with my boyfriend so I try and avoid social media/staring at my phone as much as I can during that time and then on Wednesdays I volunteer at my local charity shop.
Add into the mix I'm the new colour and style writer for Making Jewellery magazine!
I'm enjoying a jam-packed schedule but I have really missed blogging. so I have been getting up early and typing away most mornings just to get back into the flow of writing again.

I'm feeling really inspired to write at the moment, I think working in a creative environment has reignited a spark plus I've been reading a lot more recently too. I used to read books all the time. I went to the library each week to get my fix but since moving back to the lakes I've favoured Netflix over a novel! Mum's bookcases are brimming with fantastic reads so I've been working my way through those...

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I've still been avidly bargain hunting, volunteering in a charity shop doesn't help with the addiction! I'm still on my eco-babe journey, things are still really exciting I just haven't been updating like I used to.
Here's my face, promise I'm still alive!

So I'm not having a blog 're-launch' so to speak but I will be posting twice a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday. I've never really got into a proper routine with blogging so I think two posts a week is achievable! I'm not going to kid myself that I'll post daily. I want to write for the fun of it again.
 My aim is to use my internetz time more wisely and be productive instead of just aimlessly scrolling or spiralling down an eBay loop!

I kinda bowed out of the blogging game as there are SO many fantastic bloggers who are consistent, have great design and whose blogs/Instagram/twitters look super-polished. I'm just not in that league but hey, they all started somewhere. Plus a lot of bloggers on my feed were high-end beauty bloggers which don't really interest me anymore.

Inspired By The Retired's content is going to cover charity shopping, second-hand bargain hunting, vegan lifestyle, cruelty-free beauty, vintage style, positive vibes, book reviews, budget traveling ideas, eco-lifestyle, slow fashion, wardrobe building, healthy recipes and general life updates from a hippy in a caravan :P I'm basically a boho grandma from the 60s trapped in a 25 year old's body :')

So thank you all for sticking with me (again!) I can't wait to dive back into the community! I've missed Y'all...
I'll see you tomorrow (Wednesday) for my latest update :)
Thanks for reading
Rachelle xxx


  1. I'll be swinging by to see what's happening and will be sure to visit the shop when we are at our caravan near Grange. You'll have to let us know where you are.
    Lovely photo
    Lynn :)

    1. I'm not far away from Grange fellow caravanner! My shop is in Ulverston, you should totally visit if you haven't been there before it's a very cute, artsy town! xx

  2. Glad to see you back and cant wait to see what your blog has to come!

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I'm excited to be back :) x


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