Hello everyone,
It's my birthday next week so as per tradition I thought I'd make a little wishlist. Honestly, I don't particularly need anything desperately, so these are all things that would be lovely gifts. I don't usually make a big deal about my birthday but it's the big TWO-FIVE! Haha, I'm supposed to be an actual grown-up now aren't I?
Quite a biggie for a birthday gift but my family said they'd all chip in towards a new laptop. I've been thinking about a Chromebook as I don't need it for anything too technical, I have Photoshop etc on my desktop so a laptop would purely be for writing/working on the go. Since getting a 'real' writing job I feel like I can't depend on my desktop and phone anymore, especially whilst I'm here, there and everywhere at the moment! This is cheap, cheerful and simple which is what I need.

A white laptop isn't going to stay white for very long with me haha! As you can probably tell I'm in love with the folk, ethnic prints at the moment and the case is lovely, I think I'm really feeling the autumnal vibes :) Since becoming a gingey redhead again, I'm definitely attracted to the warmer tones.

I've wanted a watch for some time now (badumdumtsch-sorry) but I'm really fussy! I don't want anything too big, too flashy, silver, no leather, no links etc it's been a hard search. I love this one by Johnny loves Rosie because it's classic & cute, it has little gold polka dots and even little heart arms. Plus it's silicone rather than leather woohoo!

I got this Woodwick candle for my birthday last year and I'm being serious when I say it's only just finished burning a few weeks ago! I lit it almost every day and it smelt divine. Rum & raisin is one of my favourite combinations and in candle form it was sweet, spicy and sandalwoody which I love. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find this scent anywhere so this is a birthday plea, if you find one please sent it my way ;)

In a bid to make my caravan super cosy and extra boho, I think I need to treat myself to some new bedding. Wilkos ones are cheap and last well. As I mentioned before my love for hippy prints is showing no slowing down at the moment so this will go perfectly in my lil caravan, At Whimsy Towers I liked the black and white look with pops of colour as all the rooms were white & bright. In the caravan, the curtains all around are mustard colour and all the furniture is pine wood so white doesn't really fit in.

TRUTH: I already treated myself to this as an early birthday present 'to me from me' last week haha. It's amazing though, I remember using something similar a few years ago from Lush and it did wonders for my skin but it was limited edition and I didn't really think about it anymore. When I popped in the other day I got chatting to one of the lush gals as you do, and she said it was very similar to the one I used to use and they do it all year round! My skin feels so smooth and fresh after using it. Plus is vegan and has no nasties in it :)

I don't have any big plans for my birthday yet but I'm sure something will form nearer the time!
What is on your wishlist at the moment? Christmas is coming up ;)
Thanks for reading
Rachelle xxx


  1. Really want to give that lush product a go, and candles are a necessity this time of year! X

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Well belated, I know...sorry!) You and your hippy interiors, these picks are perfect. Have to say, the watch is my favourite though. Polka dots, how surprising! xx


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