VEGAN LIFE:15 Vegan Things To Buy In Aldi

If you're thinking about becoming vegan but think it's waay too expensive to buy vegan food, this post is for you! It's a common misconception that you have to buy food specifically made for vegans from the health shop. False! There are loads of 'accidentally vegan' foods that are readily available & for bargain prices too.
I'm a big fan of Aldi supermarket, so I've compiled a shopping list of my favourite vegan-friendly foods.

-Everyday Essentials porridge oats
-Harvest Morn milled linseed with goji berries,sunflower& pumpkin seeds
-Del-Rivo 100% pressed juice (not from concentrate)
-Ripe & Ready avocados (2 pk)
-Organic Fairtrade bananas
-Deli roasted red pepper hummus
-Moser Roth dark chocolate with almond & orange
-Foodie Market mixed nuts
-Clancys roasted & salted pistachios
-Everyday Essentials plain tortilla chips
-Foodie Market 3 grain & 3 seeds cripbreads
-Bramwells gherkins
-Cucina Antipasti grilled peppers
-Diplomat green tea & lemon teabags/peppermint
-Specially Selected pure Canadian maple syrup

*As always recipes are subject to change so please check the label

By saving on everyday essentials, it means you have a little extra cash to spend on pricier food such as a fancy milk alternative ( I'm loving hemp milk at the moment). I usually pop into M&S/Holland & Barratt to stock up on a few healthier options. I'm attempting to eat less processed foods & actually fuel my body with what it needs instead of eating 'faux-foods' as I like to call them. Obviously eating a whole packet of hobnobs a bit of dark chocolate is fine now & again :)

I hope this post helps some of you. even if you're not thinking about turning vegan it's a great way to incorporate some healthier choices into your lifestyle, especially if your are on a student budget. I'm going to be including more food/healthy eating posts on the blog in the future, It's something I'm really passionate about at the moment & I want to share the love :)

Do you shop at Aldi? Have you ever tried being veggie/vegan?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle x


  1. Yes! And soymilk + frozen raspberries are cheap for smoothies I liked the chargrilled artichoke. I haven't been there for a while. I like hemp milk best and I'd rather make my own almond milk (just water and almonds, blended, strained - the pulp can be used for desserts or pesto).

  2. We like the Aldi veggie burgers and spicy bean ones. Can't get enough of them

  3. I love Cucina Antipasti grilled peppers from Aldi They are amazing


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