The Perks Of Being Unemployed

Aloha everyone,
So we're almost mid-September which marks over three months of me being dundundun...UNEMPLOYED. The thing is I'm not overly pressurising myself to get a generic job just yet. I'm planning to go on some thrifty travels in the upcoming months so that's my priority right now. Money is really tight at the moment but it's making me re-evaluate what I want VS what I actually need to buy. Plus I'm enjoying not having a job as it means I can do all this cool stuff...

Having actual ‘free-time’.
I’ve not had freedom like this since summers of university & even then I had a job or just didn’t make the most of it. Now when I make plans I’m not restricted by days. I used to find that when I had a week off from work I’d try and squeeze in so many activities I never had proper time to rest.

Seeing more of your family.
I had a sleepover at my dad’s house this week when I discovered the last time I visited was over a year and a half ago!? I’m also going to stay at my aunties for a couple of days on the Cumbrian coast and at the end of the month I’m going to visit my cousin in France. Beforehand I’d only really see my family at bigger family events but it’s so much nicer to be able to make the effort and visit them at home.

Being able to experiment in the kitchen.
Usually when I was working I only really baked or put something exotic in the slow cooker if it was my day off. Now I can create vegan treats to my heart’s content. I can make meals that take a lot longer to prepare as I’ve not just got back home and I need to stuff my face with beans on toast so I don’t pass out from hunger!

Getting the little things done.
I’d wanted to spray-paint a few things, sew some clothes, re-organise my shoe collection, sort out my photos on my computer etc etc but these jobs always got put to the bottom of the list when I was working.  Now it’s satisfying to be getting a handful of things done every day.

Always being available for social events.
Mate, I literally have nothing better to do then come out and party with you haha. Seriously though it’s great to be able to say yes to a lot of people who you’ve let down in the past. It’s good to get out of the caravan and explore the local area and appreciate the natural beauty!

Learning to be even thriftier.
I would class myself as a pretty money-savvy person. As I’m saving to go travelling it can be difficult not to spend the money I’ve saved on a hair cut or new clothes. Thing is, I do still treat myself but I’ve learnt to do it on an even tighter budget. It also makes you put your mind to use for money-making ventures. 

Having time for fitness.
I always used ‘not enough time' as my main excuse for skipping any exercise and scoffing a packet of biscuits instead. Now I still can’t afford a gym membership as they are very pricey out in the sticks however I have miles and miles of gorgeous countryside to explore. I’m starting easy on myself and aiming to go for a three-mile walk every day. Then hopefully I’ll be able to build up my fitness and start to jog. I also have a hula hoop, Wii fit and weights plus all the Youtube videos in the world to help me get moving. SO NO EXCUSES!

Learning more about yourself.
Sometimes when you’ve worked somewhere for a long time you become defined by your job role. You are in this little bubble where things are taken out of context. All your life you are told that you NEED a job and you NEED money otherwise you are a failure. I’ve worked since I was 13 so I’m no stranger to putting the hours in. Now I feel like I can explore different passions and ideas without being scrutinized for being unemployed. Still a lot of people ask when I’m going to get a job, I could go on jobseekers but it destroyed my soul last time and I’m proud of myself for saving up enough money to support myself without an income.

I hope this post helps some of you who are in a similar situation. It's not as bleak as everyone makes out. I'm a big believer that a little time-out can help you figure out what you really want do so with your life ooh heavy and can do wonders for your wellbeing.
What do you miss most about being employed or wish you could do if you had more free time?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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