As some of you may know I'm planning on going travelling over the next few months, nothing is set in stone yet and I'm sure the locations are subject to change as it is travelling on a shoestring!
Which brings me to my next point. Shoes.
I love shoes but I think my age is starting to come through, my love for granny-chic is winning over beautiful yet impractical shoes!

For travelling, I need something; 
-That goes with a variety of outfits
-But still has a stylish edge to it...
-...Yeah and I don't want to spend lots of money obvsss.

I think it's a pretty big ask but I have found a few brands/pairs that look like they are up to the test!
As I'll only be taking hand luggage, I can realistically take two pairs of shoes, one on my feet and one in the bag at a push three if they're super lightweight and space-saving.

Let's have a moment of honesty. I keep stealing my stepdad's Karrimor velcro sandals in the morning when I nip outside to feed the dogs and omg are they comfy! I'm sure the sleepy, rural village that I live in will not judge me for dad sandals and fluffy pink bed socks :)

They're ideal but they just don't look right with any of my clothes haha, I need something a little more stylish...

1)Teva Orange Flatform Sandals (here)
Truth be told, I already have these with me in my caravan but I got sent the wrong size and they don't have my size in stock anymore. I'm wondering if half a size too small is really a big deal but I love them so much I can't bare to send them away haha. They do make me a good 6 foot high and probably aren't that practical but they look ace.

2)Dr Martens Belfour Sandals (here)
Again sizing is an issue with these bad boys. I've tried on a size 7-too small and the shop didn't stock an 8! waaah #bigfootproblems. They are really durable with a sole that could withstand many hours walking. They don't look too 'dads walking sandals' and you get the Dr Martens quality.

3) Crocs 'Sexi-Flip' Leopard Flip Flops (here)
I like the design of these flip flops as they are minimalist yet they are leopard print. Everyone on this planet knows that Crocs are super-comfortable but usually they don't come into the equation when you fancy a stylish bit of footwear.

4) Skechers Sunday Stroll Shoes (here)
Hmm, I've never actually seen these shoes in real life so I don't know if they'll fit how I imagine. My good buddy works for Skechers and she says they look nice. My favourite thing about Skechers is the glorious, marshmallowy memory-foam insoles. I have a pair of the trainers already which I would take for travelling but they are really bright tie-dye pattern and don't go with a lot of my holiday outfits. They also have them in plain black but I like the bright colours weaved in without being too OTT.

5) Dr Martens Daytona Desert Boots (here)
Aww, my new shoe crush! If you've followed this blog for a while you will know that I love Dr Martens, heck I've already featured one pair in this list already. Anyway, I've had many over the years but since turning vegan my choices are more limited as most of them are made from leather. I absolutely love the desert boot style of the shoes AND they are velvet which is perfect for me! I thought I'd include a pair of boots as it might not be a sandal-wearing heat in all countries I plan to visit, especially with winter around the corner.

6) TOMS Del Rey Trainers (here)
I have never owned a pair of TOMS but whilst doing in-depth research for this post, 'most comfortable shoe for life' these guys came out on top. I definitely prefer the trainers style rather than the classic slip on/espadrille TOMS are famous for. Also, I like the 'one for one' campaign they are running. When you buy from them, they give a child in need a pair of shoes. I enjoy the snazzy black and white tribal pattern.

Which are the comfiest shoes you've ever owned? Do you have any other 'traveller' shoe recommendations?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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