5 Beauty 'Hacks' That Will Save You Money & Save The World! (Kinda)

Howdy all!
So I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite beauty 'hacks', I hear some at work from customers & others I've discovered from experience. They will help you get more use from your beauty tools, make them perform better & save you pennies coz you won't need to replace them as often :D Plus the less you buy & more you recycle/reuse/repair the higher you get on the 'eco-babe' chart ;)

1) Sharpen tweezers using a knife sharpener.
I have been plagued with rubbish tweezers for many years, I've never splurged on a Tweezerman pair but when I was debating it, I noticed they offered a 'tweezer sharpening service'. Err why had I never thought to sharpen my tweezers before? So I ran my cheapy, blunt pair over my knife sharpener & boy what a difference it made! They are now much more precise & I don't spend ages trying to grab that one unruly eyebrow hair...

2) Use a 'magic sponge' to clean eyelash curlers.
Y'know the gross mascara gunk that likes to stick your eyelash curlers together so they don't perform that well. I'm guilty of leaving it for a while before I actually remove it (sorry!) but those amazing white sponges that claim to be magic really are! Just rinse them with water & the make-up residue comes off so easily. It takes seconds & they look good as new. My Shemura curlers have been going for over a year & they do recommend that you change them every 12 months but after they've been cleaned they still work really well.

3) Cut edges off worn down beauty sponges.
This one is a little more common sense than anything but if you have a beauty blender & it's stained with foundation & looking a little tatty simply cut off a layer of sponge at the same angle with some sharp scissors so you have nice new sponge underneath. Super simple & it means you can get more sponge for your dolla ;)

4) Keep & re-use travel size bottles. 
I'm a sucker for miniature products but if you buy them once, rinse them out real good & keep them for next time a sleepover or weekend away arises. You can then re-fill them with whatever your favourite shampoo/shower gel/ body lotion is at the time. I begrudge buying empty travel bottles when I throw away so many throughout the year! Save them £££s recycle your plastics & save the world maaan!

5) Have a designated brush cleaning cloth.
What? Use a face cloth to clean make-up brushes? Yep indeedy it works a treat! The texture of a flannel means that when you swirl the brush over a wet cloth it gives it a real deep clean. Apply a brush cleaner/mild shampoo & use a circular motion for best results. I recommend a visit to Home Bargains or the pound shop to pick up a cheap one & use it especially for cleaning your brushes. The cheaper ones often have a rougher texture so are prefect for the job.

I hope these tricks will help some of you!
Do you have any unusual beauty 'hacks' that you swear by?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Love posts like these, supa tips! X

  2. Why have I never thought of this before?!
    Great tips, thanks Rachelle! X


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