So it's always exciting when a new shop opens up in Preston. It's even more exciting when it's an independent clothing boutique & it's super exciting when they invite a group of local bloggers over for an evening of mooching & a mingling.
The shop I'm talking about is Mary & Milly boutique which has just opened it's doors on Guildhall Street just off the main high street.. If you're wondering why the name sounds familiar- they've been trading on ASOS marketplace & doing pop up fairs across the North-West for the past couple of years.
The boutique itself is cosy, or it is when there is a huddle of bloggers snapping from every angle! The rails are carefully curated with on trend pieces that are a little more special than typical high street items. There is also a selection of statement jewellery (lots of sparkle!) cute clutch bags & handmade cards.

On the walls are framed articles about the shop's success & the brand's story. Poppy Waters is the lady behind the business & set it up after being inspired by her grandmothers-Mary & Milly! Poppy said that Preston is the heart of her brand, she grew up, graduated & set up shop here. I love that the photoshoots for the collections are shot in Avenham park (my favourite place in the city). I think its fantastic that she's working with local university students & bloggers. Preston isn't exactly known for it's fashion scene but I feel like it's an up-and-coming city! I believe with more independent shops, the creative fashionable folk will spark some interest & the scene will hopefully blossom.

Another point that Poppy mentioned was that one of her goals was to make the shopping experience more exciting! At the moment you can buy through various channels, online, fairs, the boutique & they are even offering private shopping parties at your own home! What more could a girl want?
As always it was lovely to meet up with local bloggers. I already knew Claire & Lily from past events so it was great to have a catch up. Plus it's fab to meet some new faces too (I hope I include everyone) Sarah, Amy, Emmi, Katy, Chloe & Lucy :)

If you are having a little shopping spree or fancy an outfit that's a little different for a night out you should definitely head over to the boutique. Follow all their social media too, there's always something new & exciting up on their page whenever I look.
Thank you Poppy for hosting such a lovely event & I'm so excited to see how the boutique grows :)

(Pic on the right stolen form their Facebook Page)

Have you visited the boutique yet?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

PS: Life Up North is going to be a new segment on here with any exciting news based around the North-West area :)


  1. Ooh I'll definitely have to check this shop out, they've been in the SU a few times I think and I've always had a little scope out, but will nice to see their stuff in a shop. Also love the idea of a Life Up North series. Can't wait to see more posts!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  2. What a cute little boutique. It's nice to see stores like this offering a little diversity on the high street - usually it's just the same old brands everywhere.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


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