#CheapNChicChallenge: 8/30 Ideas To Shake Up Your Wardrobe

Hello everyone :)
I hope you are excited for the second week of the challenge! I thought I'd share some prompts to give you a bit of inspiration.  I'd love it if you could leave a comment or even share your posts/photos using the #CheapNChicChallenge hash tag.

The Under £10 Outfit
Can you make up the majority of your outfit for under a tenner? Maybe exclude underwear and shoes but how about the rest? When you look amazing (if you say so yourself) in a cheap outfit it's a kinda justified smugness you're allowed to experience ;) Show us your best cheapy outfit as an instasnap or a blog post.
The 'Thanks It Was My Mom's From The 80s'
Everyone has seen Mean Girls and I love the quote 'Thanks it was my moms in the 80s...ooh vintage' but lets not dig out the 'Ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen' and lets raid our parents wardrobes! I have borrowed a vintage Levis denim shirt from my mum that I wear all the time! My mum isn't really that bothered about shopping & fashion but I bet some of you have super stylish mummas who have some vintage gems in their wardrobes or even better some 'Glam Nans' who can never throw anything away. Offer to help them sort their wardrobes and adopt the best bits as your own, free fashion with a lovely bit of history.

The Altered Beast 
Who used to play Altered Beast on the Megadrive? The main message from that game is if you want to be a dragon-you can, or maybe a bear? It's possible! Anyway everyone has something in their wardrobe that could benefit from a little tweaking. Whether you decide to DIY it yourself or send it on a little holiday to the tailors share with us your new and revamped piece!

The 'I Made It Myself'
There is no better feeling than when someone compliments you on something and you have created it yourself, same with clothes :) I'm not suggesting you whip up a ballgown (although that would be awesome) but how about finding a vintage pattern and attempting to sew a simple garment. There are hundreds of tutorials online for the most novice fashion designer.
My favourite GIF everrrr
The car booty looty
One of my personal favourites, show off your ultimate car boot/flea market finds! It's often the place to find the best bargains, other peoples castoffs can be great, as Macklemore says 'one mans trash that's another mans come-up' come up is cool right?

I hope this post has giving you a few wardrobe ideas or you've at least enjoyed the GIFS!
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. I came across you Rachelle on Instagram I believe, now although I'm not into Fashion. (If you ever see me then it's obvious.haha) I'm really enjoying flicking through your blog though. Giving me ideas for my new blog :) To top it off you mention one of my fave games ever. Altered Beast.....POWERRRRR UPPPP! ah I must dig out my megadrive. Thanks. Joe (also I saw macklemore at the Manc Apollo last year....AMAZING!!)


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