#CheapNChicChallenge: 5/30 How To Re-create Upcoming A/W Trends With Second-hand Finds

Today's post is to inspire you to give a nod to the upcoming trends even in your second hand finds! With London Fashion week fast approaching, the 'fash-pack' will be eyeing up the catwalks for the next big thing. We all know that fashion comes and goes so it makes sense that you can find pieces that reflect upcoming styles that were around the first time it happened. I'm not saying you will find exact replicas of the catwalk looks in your local charity shop (if you do you are a lucky thang!) but if you take details for the looks and are prepared to have a good rummage it's definitely possible to recreate the upcoming trends in a way that makes it your own...

 Sixties Revival: The sixties is always a fun era to replicate through fashion. Full of graphic, bold prints, mini-skirts and space-age silhouettes. Pair with a beehive do' & some winged liner & there you have it! 
It comes and goes a lot in the fashion world, whilst it's not likely that you'll find an original 60s minidress, it is likely that you can find something that will encapsulate the look! 
Orange & hot pink were big on the catwalk, look out for psychedelic prints, polka dots & polo necks to recreate the look. If you're looking for a night-time option statement circle sequins were a common detail this season and the charity shops are usually full of sequin numbers!

Folksy Layering: Oh the shearling, aviator coat, what a winter staple you are. Hopefully last years aviator jacket should have enough life left in it to be revamped, if not check out your local vintage shop/fairs as you can find some amazing 80s style shearling jackets that would be perfect for this look. 
Folky patterns have been everywhere this summer, in maxi dresses & kimonos but British winter is coming, we will surely freeze to death if we don't add about 20 layers! Charity shops are amazing for finding an eclectic mix of patterns, nothing there has been strategically planned as a collection so creating your own mix-matched/pattern-clash outfit is easy! Keep to similar tones to avoid the 'I've just bought ANY pattern look'. Winning patterns are paisley, brocade, ikat & florals for a bohemian style. Add a thick chunky scarf & a beanie hat for colder days. 

Velvet: Ooh swooshy, slinky soft velvet, you are one of my favourite winter trends. Velvet always comes back out for winter as it's such a versatile 'luxe' fabric. I would say a good 25% of my wardrobe is velvet :)
The good news is charity shops are full of the stuff! Velvet trousers that could be easily altered to a style you prefer, velvet leopard-print t-shirts if that's your thing (I have two!) & the odd velvet cocktail dress. As long as you don't mind people involuntarily stroking you than velvet is the best!
Over-sized Knitwear: In the colder months you can't beat an over-sized knitted jumper to snuggle up to. On the catwalk models were cocooned in huge knits, some with roll necks, other with arran details. What I will say is head to the men's section of the charity shop, vintage shop/car boot-wherever you may be & raid the manly knitwear! Men's jumpers in a L or XL look amazing as jumper dresses when worn with thick tights & boots. It's the whole effortless, 'I'm borrowing my boyfriends clothes' kinda look. It sounds obvious if you're looking for an oversized-fit but make sure you look at all of the sizes in the women's too. I've bought size 18/20/22 clothes in the past to achieve a cosy winter look. I wouldn't advise going for something that will totally swamp you but a well placed belt can always bring the look together.
Checks & Tartan: Again checks/tartan are a popular choice this A/W.  Last year I found loads of checked pieces in the charity shops & there are usually a lot to choose from. It's a classic, heritage print and looks as great on a thick wool coat as it does a cotton skirt. I have several hangers worth of tartan treasures which have served me well but I can never resist a new-to-me addition, I'm a bit bored with the classic red tartan after witnessing the entire 14-18 year old population wearing tartan-print dresses & leggings last winter but a green or blue palette still excites me :) Again charity shops are usually brimming with the print. It's always amazing if you can find a real Scottish tartan or a Burberry-esque check. I bought a green check coat last year which is one of my favourite winter pieces for under a fiver!

Matching Co-ords: This is one trend that I have never actually dipped my toe into! I really loved the crop top & skater skirt combos I've been seeing this summer especially the fruity-printed ones! The upcoming months call for warmer fabric & more of it! A matching jumper & pencil skirt is a look I'm going to try! This one is a little trickier as it's not often there will be a matching  vintage crop jumper & skater skirt but if you use your imagination there are loads of matching suit blazers & skirts that could be tweaked to make a gorgeous set of co-ords! Alternatively there are often long, vintage dresses that could be reworked by a tailor (of yourself if you're a sewing machine whizz) basically given the chop & turned into a skirt & top.

There we have it, I hope this post has given you a bit of inspiration so you feel confident in re-creating catwalk looks with your second-hand finds :)
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Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. You're really inspiring me to re-work my wardrobe and also scan the charity shops for some great buys! I wash tempted by a bit of shopping but I managed to stay strong. Have a feeling I might crack when Im back in Preston as shopping is my favourite pass time and I've got a lot of free time!

    Emma x
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