#CheapNChicChallenge: 10/30 Fashion themed TV to get you thinking...

Hello Everyone,
We're a third of the way through & I hope you are enjoying the #CheapNChicChallenge :) I have another little prompt for you today-instead of spending an hour trawling through the ASOS website or perusing the Topshop sale why don't you watch a programme that will help you with the challenge & really realise you're wardrobe's potential!
I've been trying to ignore the tellybox & only watch TV that I'm really interested otherwise I'll waste time watching re-runs of Come Dine With Me and old episodes of The Simpsons!
Here are some of my favorite fashion-themed watching that you can watch on 4OD at the moment.

This Old Thing
I absolutely love Dawn Porter and her latest show is a treat for the eyeballs. Showing ways to re-work your wardrobe, gorgeous vintage shops & the general high-street obsessed to vintage lover make-overs. It's a good watch :) I have serious hair envy & I would like to own all of her whimsical. vintage dresses that fit her oh-so-perfectly.

Fabulous Fashionistas
I watched this documentary last year but it was such a lovely show that it stuck with me. It follows a group of older women who still have a lust for life! They tell the stories of their modelling, charity shop work, husbands, parties & how things were back in the good old days. There's a few heartfelt/weepy bits but it's such a good portrayal of these glam nannas :)

Mary's Bottom Line
I love Mary Portas too, She's a very love/hate character but you can't deny that she talks sense! This series was all about the 'Kinky Knickers' company she started to embrace craftsmanship & to try & give the UK textiles/manufacturing business a kick up the butt. Virtually all our clothes are imported now but years ago we were a thriving textiles nation. Now our mills are derelict & we're at a record high rate of unemployment. Hmm coincidence? It's a great insight into the trials & tribulations of starting your own fashion company. I want to start my own eco-knickers company. Sexy eco ones don't exists guys! A real niche market!

So I know this isn't a programme as such but this video of Vivienne Westwood is so unbelievably eye-opening. Our Viv is passionate about raising awareness of current climate issues and her incredible journey through the different trends & tribes is an interesting watch.

I hope that this post has given you some 'Wednesdayeveningwatching' ideas :)
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Love your blog name! I'll have to catch up on those links if the shows are still on :D I refashion clothes and starting to make my own


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