#CheapNChicChallenge: 15/30 Preston Charity Shop Map!

So today I've got an exciting post compiled for y'all.  Preston may be small, & mainly famous for a bus station but scratch the surface and there are some lovely places to discover. It's not named the eighth happiest place to live in the UK for nothing y'know, even if some trolls call it Depressedton (De-Preston) they just can't be bothered to appreciate the whimsy! After the #CheapNChicChallenge has finished I'm going to include more reviews of my favourite places in the 'city' :)

As you know I am THE BIGGEST fan of a mooch around the charity shops. I have developed a 'kooky keen eye' and can spot a vintage bargain a mile off. This has resulted in a fairly eclectic wardrobe, an obsession with eBay and I know the local charity shops like the back of my hand!

Preston has loads of charity shops, from the standard high street ones to some lovely independent shops where you can find some real gems.

Obviously everyone has a different agenda when they're 'thrift shopping' so you might be looking for a good quality, vintage dress or perhaps you're looking for something to cut up and customize.
I tend to have a good look around the charity shops every couple of weeks, and of course if I'm  just passing I'll have a little snoop around.

So I have been a kind soul & I've made a map of the charity shops that I visit regularly. I think hunting out new charity shops is like my sixth sense. What can I say-It's a gift ;)

Click on the map for a more detailed interactive view :)

I'm afraid you'll have to ignore K because British Red Cross has closed so a Tesco can be built there instead hmpf :( & it won't let me remove it

If you're from the Preston area I urge you to visit the charity shops instead of the high-street for just one shopping trip. I promise you'll be surprised, you'll save some money & you'll help a great cause.

Are you a charity shop convert yet? Where are your favourite places in the UK to go charity shopping? 
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. This is a really useful map and I'll definitely be using it to hunt out some charity shop goodies!

    Emma x
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