#CheapNChicChallenge: 22/30 AUTUMNAL CHARITY SHOP FINDS!

I'm hoping you are enjoying the #CheapNChicChallenge so far. I've got just one more week left & I have a few great posts lined up for you, including an exciting giveaway-so stay tuned! I shot these photos a few weeks ago when it was actually still summery. I am dressed 'neck-to-knee' in charity shop finds! I thought I'd style an outfit that has a vintage feel but still nods to the trends for Autumn.
Coat, Jumper Belt, Skirt -All Charity Shop Finds
Boots-New Look

The coat is my fuzzy lil bear baby. I bought it from a charity shop in St Annes where everything was only £1! The only downside was on that fateful day it was about 25 degrees out & I'd just been to the beach & the last thing on my mind was a huge furry coat. However this is a prime example of shopping for upcoming seasons. If I wanted to get an over-sized furry coat in the height of winter I'd definitely expect to pay more! It's originally from BHS & is a size XXL, again not my size but I want it to fit over 3 jumpers & a scarf :) 

The jumper was from the same charity shop (so again only a quid!) I'm a little bit obsessed with roll neck jumpers & the bright orange shade is perfect for Autumn. When I wear it with my glasses I do feel a little bit like Velma from Scooby Doo but I think it's a strong look :)

The Houndstooth skirt is an original 1960s St Michael found in a charity shop in Cleveleys. I can't remember how much this one was but it's a pretty snug fit! I'm a fan of houndstooth & I don't think  a pencil skirt ever really goes out of fashion.

The belt was 50p from St Catherines Hospice in Preston. I love the detailing to the buckle, it's almost a bit cowboy/western inspired. I tend to buy black belts so this brown one is a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

Have you found any amazing autumnal charity shop pieces?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Wow these finds are amazing! I love that cozy coat and I'm so inspired by the fab look you've put together from only shopping in charity shops!
    Jen xx

  2. This outfit is a little too perfect, I love bargain charity shop finds like them! x

  3. This outfit looks so good on you, and you wouldn't think it was all from charity shops. I need to start looking through the charity shops a bit more and hopefully find some great pieces like these.

    Emma x
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