So as everyone and their dog knows by now-I'm going to Glastonbury festival in a couple of weeks!
Here at Inspired By The Retired we like to do things in the most magical yet purse friendly way. I'm not gonna skimp on the festival experience but I'm not gonna waste my money either. Festivals usually end up costing more than a holiday abroad once you factor in the ticket price, travel, equipment & festival outfits! So here are a few tips I've got to share with you all...

1) Invest in the best tent you can afford: Too many times I have opted for the cheapest tent in the 'I'll just leave it behind' mindset, tut tut Rachelle of the past. Now I am slightly older & much wiser it makes so much sense to get a 'proper' tent. When your stuff is all soggy and you've got to sleep in a drippy puddle for the night (and potential next couple of nights) it literally puts a dampener on the whole festival mood. At least get one with two layers, they're not too pricey! I've managed to get a lovely tent here, that takes minutes to put up & is a reliable brand. It's half price which makes it reasonable for lil, long me and I can use it for more than one trip!

2) Sleeping quarters: So other than your sleeping bag I'd really recommend bringing a pillow & a blanket to make sleeping a little more cosy. A foam roll up mat is also a necessity. For Glastonbury I've bought an inflatable pillow for less than a pound from Homebargains 'outdoor section', covered with a jumper I think it'll be luxury! I always get cold in bed ( I sleep with two duvets even in the summer!) so one of the cheap and cheerful microfleece blankets are perfect, they don't take up much space at all and even if the sun is shining all day it's always chilly at night time.

Eating & Drinking
3) Bring snacks! I am an avid snack-lover and as I'm on a mission to cut the crap out of my diet I'm gonna suggest some healthy snacks! Cereal bars are always a winner, dried fruit for vitamins & for something a little more indulgent make some homemade flapjack, nothing better than flapjack for brekkie or for a surge of energy after you've been boogieing for hours.

4) A coolbox is your friend... Most festival food is crazy overpriced and not really that great. However as a Glastonbury virgin I've been told the food is one of the best parts of the festival! That being said it's rare that you eat three square meals a day when festivalling. Freeze a couple of ice blocks and pack some easy to prep food. A pint of milk will keep fine for the first day, perfect for campsite brews & to put in your cereal pots! Make a few butties to scoff when you feel peckish, nothing more depressing than soggy warm cheese sarnies. Cold, crunchy apples are bliss when you're feeling a hangover and a couple of cartons of fruit juice in the cool box are perfect for dry-mouth morning refreshment!

5) Bring on the booze: Ahh alcohol one of the main expenses of a festival! For the campsite decant all your glass into plastic bottles, bring bag wine or those cute cocktails in squishy bags. Luckily at Glastonbury you can take your own alcohol into the arena which is unheard of at all the festivals I've attended! I've bought a few reusable water pouches for transporting my rum around like a well equipped lady-pirate. The pouches even have a fastening to attach to your belt loops! How chic :)

6) Decant don't downsize! N'aww mini's why are you so damn cute! Little teeny, tiny version of my shower gel that probably won't last 3 days or adorable handbag size dry shampoo that will run out after two blasts on the fringe! The best thing to do is buy a pack of empty bottles from Poundland and pour your beauty regime into them. Obviously you can't decant dry shampoo but buy a bigger size coz believe me the tiny ones won't last.

7) Free samples: You really don't want to weigh down your precious backpack with a huge load of toiletries so this is where free samples really come in handy. Sachets are perfect as they are lightweight and will usually last a couple of uses. Free sachets of shampoo/conditioner & body lotions that you get from magazines are ideal. Other options are asking for sample pots in stores. At The Body Shop we offer free samples, Lush have little black pots & most beauty counters will be able to offer you a sample. My word of advice is be polite when asking and don't take the pee and ask for loads. Little tiny 3ml perfume samples are great for your bumbag too :)

8) Leave the fancy stuff at home: Trust me you don't want to bring your designer make-up to a festival it's more than likely going to get crushed at the bottom of your handbag or could potentially get rained on. Plus-sad but true- some people go to festivals with the main objective to steal peoples belongings. You'd be gutted if your whole make-up bag worth £££s got stolen. I'd take only a few essential, multi-purpose products and maybe get a few cheap and cheerful brighter pieces of make up for festival make-up madness.

9) Charity shop gems I'm sorry but I can't go a whole post without mentioning my beloved charity shops. There is no point in splashing out on perfect, crisp clothes from Topshop or Zara when it's more than likely going to get covered in a coating of mud/cider/rain. My outfits of choice will always be something kooky from the charity shop that look amazing but I'm not precious about.

10) Layering Have a lovely summer outfit planned, cute dress and wellies? Now prepare to bust out the layers. Carry round a light, long-sleeve top & leggings/tights as with our glorious unpredictable British summer it could change at any moment. A mac in a sac/poncho is also wise for avoiding the downpours. A cosy jumper and thick socks are a good idea when the sun goes down. A huge scarf can be used in a multitude of ways and a beanie hat will hide your dutty hair ;) Basically be prepared for all weather. I've had to do an emergency dash to the clothing stalls at festivals to buy a huge jumper or waterproof and you can avoid the expense if you plan ahead :)

And there we have it-I hope this post will save you some pennies! 
Are you going to a festival this summer?
Happy festivalling :)
Rachelle xxx

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