Hello my lovelies!
Wahey it's June-It's technically Summer & I can't wait to fully embrace life in the park and the *fingers crossed* warmer weather! So nothing particularly outstanding happened in May but here's a round up of what I'm loving at the moment...

Currently WATCHING: The Vampire Diaries! Series Finale-Ahh mah gaaaahd. I have a lotta love for The Vampire Diaries and anyone who doesn’t watch it will probably think its utter crap but the storyline twists are keeping me interested. It’s getting a little complicated/farfetched now but I don’t mind coz I like to swoon over the Salvatore brothers ;) Who watches it?
Currently READING: Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr. I borrowed this book from the library and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I’m not planning on becoming a vegan anytime soon but it’s great to get a bit of veggie food inspiration. The desserts look delicious and I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes, plus Kris writes in such a kooky-cute style you feel like you’re having a chat with a good buddy!

Currently WEARING: 
This might not count as I’ve only just got it off eBay but I bought the Drop Dead Watermelon top/dress! It cannot be a dress on me thanks to my lady-giantness but it looks SO cute tucked into my denim shorts. It was only a tenner brand new so I’m chuffed with my little bargain.
Currently AMAZED BY: Solar Fricking roadways! You may have seen this video pop up on Facebook. It looks like it’s going to be a viral hit! It makes soo much sense though! Some people are genius! I’m really annoyed that Preston have spend thousands reworking the roadways into the city centre and didn't think to incorporate disco roads from the future into the plans.


Currently LOOKING FORWARD TO: Starting yoga classes. Now I have a yoga buddy (oh heey Hayley) & the new wellbeing centre has yoga classes every day I can’t wait to start going to a couple of sessions. Hot yoga has been suggested but I think it’s better to do a few normal classes before jumping into the sweaty deep end. All I need to buy is a mat (& maybe some cute yoga clothes) and I’m set to go! I think TKMaxx usually have a decent range of mats & accessories. Is anyone a yogi regular here?
Currently LISTENING TO: Dancing in the moonlight by Thin Lizzy. This is another brainwashing from The Body Shop soundtrack at work. It’s mostly the same songs in a different order every day. I usually find myself singing them when I’m at home too. I didn’t even realise this was a Thin Lizzy song but it makes me want to be drunk & dance and I think that is a great quality in a song ;)

Currently PONDERING: What to pack for Glastonbury. So it’s only a couple of weeks til Glastonbury and I cannot contain myself, I literally burst into and excited ‘eeeeeeeee’ whenever I think about it! So far my crisis is what to pack, obviously I know to pack baby wipes and glitter and the usual shebang but do I take sandals for the campsite, do I buy a crap phone just in case, where can I buy a disposable camera?! It’s these burning questions that I need to find the answer to haha. I should probably buy a decent rucksack too as I’ll be carrying my body weight in tie-dye & rum ;)

Currently BUYING: A juicer! I've not decided on one yet, but I watched the Super Juice Me documentary this weekend and the health benefits of juice are fricking crazy. I don't know whether to invest in one capable of wizardry or just get a bog standard one and see how much I use it. I genuinely use my blender every day so I know it wouldn't just gather dust. I really fancy some zingy fresh juice. I spend ridiculous money on the cartons anyway so I guess in the long term it makes financial sense ;) 
What are you guys loving so far this month?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Friggin' LOVE The Vampire Diaries. Do you watch The Originals too?

    Amy at Amy & More


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