Hello everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I ventured to Manchester to the central convention complex to delve into the magical world of health and well-being at The Mind Body & Soul experience. It was a great day and I got to expand my spiritual mind with my buddy Stace :) We attended a meditation class, had our auras read, aligned chakras, experienced spiritual chanting, ate and drunk all the free samples, entered all the yoga retreat competitions, applied ALL the organic beauty products and swooned over all the beautiful crystals. In hindsight I wished I'd worn more appropriate yoga clothes so I could've joined in with some of the classes but it was still a lovely day.

Here is a little bit of a wishlist/oops I bought it already list from the event! If I had more money I probably would've bought one of everything! There were so many great stalls...

I seriously watched the Omniblend blender demonstration for about 45 minutes. I was mesmerised! It made mango sorbet in 3 minutes and then 'raw' hot soup in 5 minutes! I need one in my life. My smoothies would be the smoothest in the land. It's £250 which is a little out of my price range but I genuinely do use my blender at least once a day so it's definitely an investment appliance!

As you guys know, I'm a coconut oil fiend, love it for cooking, moisturising and as a hair treatment. As my beloved Lucy Bee oil is coming to an end I thought I'd try another brand. Coconoil was for sale at a special show price so I decided to give it a whirl. I've not actually started using it yet but I'll do a review between them both once I've tried it a few times.

The Yogi Tea stand was another one where we spent a bit of time sampling all the delicious teas, I love fruit teas but I'm not a big fan of herbal ones as I think they taste a bit stale. We tried their chai latte and it was delicious. I've only tried chai tea a few times but I stocked up on teabags so I can make my own lattes at home :)

Ahhh Teeki's stall was one of my favourites! I'm a fan of black milk designs and Teeki has got the amazing digital vibe going on but all of their products are made from recycled bottles-cool huh? As I've been getting more into my fitness recently I would love to go jogging with mystical unicorns on my legs everyday, at £47.50 they're not cheap but they were fantastic quality and the label had mermaids on! Whimsy eco-babe, chic at it's greatest! Also they do the same designs in mini sizes which are super cute. I can just imagine me & my little sister hula-hooping in matching unicorn legs :) They also have a sweet Instagram which I think you should follow!

Obviously I'm going coco-loco over here as I've recently become obsessed with coconut milk as a diary alternative. The strawberry Koko milk is absolutely dreamy, as is the chocolate flavour. It's a shame the flavour isn't more natural but it still tastes amazing, I bought one of each and they did not last long ;) You can buy this range at most supermarkets or at your local health shop.

Whilst at the exhibition I attended a workshop by Marie-Claire Carlyle based on how to be a spiritual money magnet. After being a bit apprehensive it was pretty insightful and I now want to get my hands on her book! It was all about breaking down your barriers and negative beliefs associated with money and how to attract abundance into your life. It was great to have a room full of people sharing their opinions and experiences, it was definitely a mixed group but I think we all got a lot out of the session.

All in all it was a great day and it opened my mind to the weird and whimsical! Thanks Om Yoga for the tickets :)

Have you ever been to an event like this? Would you say you were a spiritual person?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. The chocolate Koko is delicious! I buy my nondairy products in holland and barrett, milks from waitrose. tesco have their own dairyfree brand too which is pretty cool. I am going to manchester end of the month and hoping to look at the gallery and at least one charity shop :p


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