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 Welcome to a very special edition of ‘Currently’ as errrrbody knows I went to Glastonbury Festival last week and genuinely had the time of my life! I am suffering with post-Glastonbury blues (it’s an actual thing!) so I thought I’d cheer myself up by re-living the experience in writing format...
Here is a list of all the bands/artists I saw over the weekend. Some I watched the whole set others I just caught a few songs, but I'm really chuffed to have seen some of my favourites :)
-Kaiser Chiefs
-Crystal Fighters
-Foster The People
-Jurassic 5
-Royal Blood
-Lana Del Ray
-Jagwar Ma
-Little Dragon
-Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip
-Jake Bugg
-Dolly Parton
-White Lies
-The Black Keys
Currently DRINKING: I absolutely loved the fact that you were allowed to take your own alcohol into the main area. I didn’t buy one alcoholic drink all weekend! On the way down we stopped at asda and I got a big bottle of morgans spiced gold (oohhh rummy goodness) and a bottle of ameretto too. Honestly I’m not a massive drinker so it doesn’t take a lot to get me tipsy. When my fellow festivellers were waking up and opening a can of warm cider for breakfast I went to the green smoothie stall instead haha. I just can’t bring myself to drink all day and night , so I started drinking in the afternoon most days. Plus green smoothies alkalise the stomach so is the perfect lining for all the booze ;) After fighting with the bi-polar weather we were left a bit chilly & soggy, so my ingenious solution was to buy hot chocolate and ADD RUM! The look on the stall holders faces was priceless. That combo definitely saved us from hypothermia more than once ;)

Currently EATING: When I arrived at Glastonbury there were so many delicious food options. I’ve been thinking about incorporating a more veggie diet into my life so Glasto was the perfect place to try some new vegetarian foods. I tried falafel, tofu burgers, paella & quesadillas and they were all INCREDIBLE! Even from a little catering trailer! Most of the stalls sold fair-trade, organic, free range food so I’m sure the meat options were amazing too but I just don’t trust festival meat. Plus the veggie options are healthier, cheaper and give you more energy!
Currently WEARING: Well my most worn piece of clothing was definitely my geeky mountaineering jacket but boy was I pleased to have it! When you see people in the emergency ponchos aka a glorified plastic bags they don’t look very warm or dry. Also I bought thermal leggings before I left too & they were a godsend! I really feel like I’m becoming a responsible old woman favouring comfort over style haha! Although in my bag were a few new favourites. Mainly my vintage fruity dress and my watermelon top. There were a few guys there that were all dressed up as different fruit and I fit in very well with them...
Currently AMAZED BY: The sheer size of the Glastonbury site. I had heard it was big but I wasn’t prepared for how much there was to discover! I probably only explored about 2/3rds of the area but there’s not enough time in the day or enough energy in my Hunter clad legs!
Currently REMINISCING: How kooky everything was, everywhere you turned was a feast for the eyeballs from a handmade shantytown stage, to 8ft wooden flowers, the ‘Unfairground’ which basically had demonic babyheads on busted up fairground rides *creepy*, disco balls in the trees, tiny hidden stages with a moustached old man playing vinyl’s on a gramophone. The giant spider at Arcadia that blasted fire every night, snow at Greenpeace, the little moss hanging pods suspended over a pond, going for a wander on my own and ended up at a stage doing a jazz cover of The Specials and dancing with a group of trolls, some human ladybirds & a stilt walking flamingo!
Currently PONDERING: About having a stall at Glastonbury. I’ve got my little vintage business and a smoothie dream in the pipeline and I think doing the festival circuit would be amazing! I have done a little research and obviously the stalls aren’t cheap but depending on the pitch and the weather it could be a real possibility!
Currently IN LOVE WITH: My post-festival tan! Now I’m a massive paley but living out in the fields for 5 days even in the turbulent weather has given me a pretty decent tan!
Currently BUYING: I didn’t buy anything at the festival just because I was conscious of having to carry everything back on the train with me. The stalls were amazing though, some of the best vintage hippy-esque collections I’ve ever seen! There were a few charity shop stalls too that were pretty cool. Plus I’m gonna start saving for next year, I’ve worked out that if I save £8.65 a week then I’ll have enough for ticket/travel & spending moneys this time next year ;)
So there we have it, sorry I'm not sorry about the photo-overload ;) It is just the most magical paradise!
Have you been to Glastonbury before? Are you going to any other festivals this year?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Love your watermelon tshirt, how cute is that. Hope to catch up again soon :-) xx


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