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Hello everyone!
I've got a little beauty wishlist here for you. As some of you may know I'm trying to increase my 'eco-babe' status in the world. I've always bought cruelty-free products when possible & working at The Body Shop certainly means that I have a lot of animal-friendly cosmetics at my fingertips. After working there for over six years though it's nice to have some other eco-brands on my radar, variety is the spice of life y'know...

I've recently been introduced to Cutecosmetics which is a lovely destination for 'cosmetics with a conscience'. It stocks lots of cruelty-free, vegan & organic brands that are affordable, plus they are based in the UK hurrah!
My main issues with eco-beauty are:
-The quality
-The availability
-The price
I don't understand why you are expected to pay top dollah for a product that is difficult to get hold of and may not perform as well as drugstore products all in an effort to make the world a better place. I could easily pop down to a Superdrug in any city and get all my make-up at a pound a pop?! It's not alright...
1) Konjac Green Clay Sponge: I'm really intrigued by these Konjac sponges. I'm a flannel kinda gal but a 100% natural sponge infused with French clay to gently cleanse and exfoliate sounds lovely. There are different sponges infused with different things specific to each skin type. The clay one is for combination skin. You can buy them from The Konjac Sponge Company or you can also get them much cheaper on eBay

2) Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine: Oh Lime Crime everything you make encourages my inner unicorn! I love the finish of the velvetines. I don't own any but I've tried my friends and I'm super impressed with the colour payoff and the lasting power! I think the pink shade is gorgeous and one that I would definitely get a lot of wear out of...

3) Neve Rainbow Brushes: How pretty are these brushes? My buddy/bad influence Hayley got the set of these brushes when they were on offer and I've been thinking about them ever since. I'd never heard of Neve as a brand before but they make cruelty-free products. They'd look great on display in a jar on a dressing table.

4) Tigi S-factor Smoothing Lusterizer: I used to have a Tigi S-factor shine spray which I thought was absolutely amazing, it smelled divine (like minty strawberries) and left my hair really sleek. After another bout of I-WANT-LILAC-HAIR-BUT-5-BOXES-OF-BLEACH-STILL-ISN'T-ENOUGH I'm back to dark purple hair but the bleach has wrecked havoc. I need something a little more heavy duty to bring back the radiance to my crispy ends. After exploring the rest of the S-factor range (and reading all the reviews) the smoothing lusterizer sounds perfect. Apparently Jessie J said she uses this and she had the shiniest black bob that ever existed!

Have you ever tried any of these products before? What do you think about 'eco-beauty'?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. I reallllyyy want to try the Konjac sponges! Those make-up brushes are super pretty too :)

    Jess xo


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