I’m writing from my new place that we have lovingly/appropriately named ‘Whimsy Towers’.
We moved over a month ago and we are now nicely settling in. I have so much to share but to spare this post being a gazillion words long-I'll summarise:

  • I survived over 2 weeks without internet (including mobile internet!)
  • My commute is now exactly 7 minutes instead of an hour each way-PARKLIFE!
  • We're still sorting out the flat but I promise I'll do a mini house tour soon :)
and here is a little 'currently' update for you too...
Currently WATCHING: 300! Okay okay so I’m a terrible human being and I’d never watched 300 until Monday night! Also I didn't know who Gerard Butler was...:| Now I know ;) I mainly just looked at the beards and the abs and shouted ‘AWOO’ all the way through.

Currently READING: Holy moly since having no internet I have actually been reading, reading A LOT! I went and mooched around the library in the Harris and got a few books out. But then I read them all, all in one night!
So far I have read:
‘The Goddess Experience’ by Gisele Scanlon
‘Blog Inc’ by Joy Deangdeelert Cho
‘Google Blogger for dummies’ (Y)
‘Mastering Pinterest’
Alexa Chung It
‘How I lived a year on just a pound a day’ by Kath Kelly
‘How to delight your customers’
‘Luella’s guide to English style’

So a very varied mix as you can tell but I’m planning to get on the ball with my blog (no really this time!) I’m always pondering business ideas and standard fashion/thrifty mix as usual.

Currently WEARING: I don’t think that I actually mentioned my amazing, pink charity shop coat on here before, as the weather has warmed up slightly my parka has been swapped for my vintage eighties hot pink coat that I got from Oxfam in Liverpool. It was £16 which is more than I would usually pay in a chazza shop but it is so cute! My new wardrobe mantra is that as I wear head-to-toe black for work, on my days off I have to wear a bright colour!
Currently AMAZED BY: Food at The Ferret! OMG Mad Ferret as it used to be known was my favourite place when I was at uni, now I’ve moved back to Preston and it’s had a revamp we just had to try out the food. All I can say is YUM! The sweet potato fries are incredible and I went for a Brisket burger which was delicious. PS just on the rum front they serve Old J which is the best rum ever, super sweet and vanillary, like a coke ice cream float.
Currently LOOKING FORWARD TO: Easter Weekend! I'm planning on going to The Lakes to visit my mum and help her out in her new jewellery shop, potentially doing a vintage fair, eating all the chocolate and a big roast dinner sounds perfect to me :) Nothing is set in stone but I like being spontaneous!

Currently LISTENING TO: Radio 6, Whilst I’ve been reading and organising I’ve had radio 6 on in the background for the majority of the day. Lauren Laverne is my fave show. It makes me feel like I’m down with the kids listening to all the new releases as most of my music is from 2006 and before haha. I'm really enjoying this song by Little Dragon which they keep playing.

Currently PONDERING: Money making schemes. As always I have loads of ideas floating around my head but I need to focus on a part-time venture! As my commute to work has reduced drastically I have a lot more free time on my hands. I have debated getting a pub job after work but I think it needs to be something that I’ve created. Something to fuel my creativity and earn me some pennies in the meantime. I've really got into watching Marie Forleo on Youtube and I think she talks a lot of sense! Check her out if you haven't already.
Currently IN LOVE WITH: So I had a dream that I was bezzie mates with Alex Zane, super random as I hadn't watched anything with him in or seen any photos/mentions NOTHING! But I am in love with him haha.  Can’t beat a funny guy with a nice suit and scruffy hair J 
Currently BUYING: Hmm I have bought a few things, days off are pretty dangerous for the old bank account. I got tempted with the old 3 for 2 in Boots. I’ve bought the new Effclar Duo+ to try, my usual Vichy Dermablend foundation and I thought do y’know what I really need? More supplements! So I decided on the magical Red Krill Oil which is meant to be super-good for you, much better than cod liver oil. I’ll take a month’s worth and let you know the outcome! I bought a couple of things from the charity shops, some hair dye and all the fruit and veg to make green smoothies! Apart from that there hasn't been any major purchases!

What have you been up to recently?

Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. Hey, I just found your blog and wanted to comment. Im live in Preston too cos I'm studying at UCLan, and will deffo have to try out the food at Mad Ferret, had no idea their food was any good, but that looks so yummy!
    Also might have to check out some of those books, the goddess guide sounds interesting, whats it about?

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine


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