Howdy Y'all,
Here's another little catch up post, let's be honest my posting is pretty sporadic at the moment but I like doing these 'Currently' posts so you know I'm actually alive and I'm just generally a busy bee at the moment!
Currently WATCHING: The Undateables. I love this show, it warms my little heart. I think some of the people they follow are absolutely hilarious. I’ve heard people slagging off the show saying that it’s cruel to laugh at people with learning problems/disabilities but I don’t think that is the case at all. They are looking for love and dates are always gonna be awkwardly funny in my view.

Currently READING: I’ve not read a novel for ages actually (send me some recommendations!) I got a couple of books out from the library-I’ve been reading a book called ‘How to be Interesting’ which has quite a cool psychology behind it, and I started reading a book called ‘Zero Waste Home’ (wow that sounds boring!) but it’s actually pretty interesting. I’ve been noticing how much stuff in the house is wasted from food, to junk mail etc and it really makes me sad how I’ve got into this mindset. I mean the book is a bit hardcore, she doesn’t use anything with packaging and goes on about using cornflour instead of make-up etc but I think there are some ideas that I can get on board with...
Currently WEARING: I’m obsessed with my HEATTECH thermal tops from Uniqlo. I’ve been wearing them under my work uniform and teaming them with my jeans or shorts for my days off, so easy to wear, wash and they keep my little lizard body warm haha.
Currently AMAZED BY: Coconut oil! I bought a jar of Lucy Bee’s coconut oil from Amazon and I’ve been using it for everything. I will write a proper post about it soon as I don’t know how I lived without the stuff! I’ve been using it in cooking, as a hair treatment, mixed in with smoothies and on my skin! So many uses, such a magical product.
Currently LOOKING FORWARD TO: MOVING HOUSE! I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter or know me in 'real life' you'll know that I'm moving house next month! I'm so excited to be moving back to Preston after over a year commuting to and from Lancaster.
Myself & my housemate have found a dreamy flat that is in a great location, literally 30 seconds out the door and we're in Avenham Park and about 5 minutes walk to work :) So it's gonna save me around 2 hours every day in commuting times. So I'm packing my life into boxes again! (I wish they were cute vintage boxes like the photo!) Naturally I'm going into organisation/house inspiration overdrive on Pinterest at the moment. 

Currently LISTENING TO:  Lana Del Ray-Once Upon A Dream. I’m so excited for Maleficent to be released! I think Angelina Jolie will be fantastic and I always love a good re-imagining of a Disney classic.
Currently PONDERING: Whether or not to start up a vintage shop again. Ideally I’d like a second job to earn me a few extra pennies, Working in the evenings after working all day isn’t the worst but I’d rather have some free time to myself. I think that an online ebay/etsy shop could work out well and then I could do a few local vintage fairs too. I’m going to check out the Riverside Vintage Fair at The Continental tomorrow to see what it’s like. I quite fancy doing a stall on the flea market too!
Currently IN LOVE WITH: Ian Somerhalder, seriously it was just a crush from the early days of Vampire Diaries but now after following him on Twitter and seeing all the amazing work he does for charity & for the planet I have a lot of love respect for the guy. Can you imagine if all ‘celebrities’ cared so much? Plus the Instagram selfies of him with his cats are ADORABLE!
Currently BUYING: Nothing exciting. After paying for crazy estate agents fees & paying back a chunk of my overdraft I’m on a bit of a ‘spending ban’. I’ve got a few things on ebay and I’m trying to de-clutter and sort out before buying anything else. The rent on the new place is quite a bit more than what we’re paying at the moment so I’m being a sensible soul and saving some money. (I need this kitty bank!)

What are you guys loving this week?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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