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 I know I've written a couple of posts sharing my best charity shopping tips with you, but I'm always learning more and expanding my second-hand shopping knowledge! Here are a few essentials that will help you get the most out of your charity shopping trips...

Vanish Extra Hygiene.
In most charity shops the clothing isn't washed before it's put out on the racks, who knows when it was last washed?! So by using Vanish it will remove stains and it kills 99% of bacteria. So clean & so fresh! I usually get a large tub when it's on offer. You can get it on Amazon here.

Bobble remover.
I love these little things! I'm a huge fan of vintage knitwear and sometimes it can get a little bobbled, so one of these little gizmos just literally shaves it all off. Hey presto your jazzy vintage jumper is good as new. I bought mine in Home Bargains for £1.99 but you can find them in most supermarkets.

Re-usable bag.
When I'm out on a shopping trip I always carry an extra bag to y'know save the world maaan but also because I hate being given random carrier bags with my charity shop purchases. Re-usable ones are stronger and pack much more in, so if your planning to hit the charity shops carry an extra bag. This lovely,wolfy bag was a Christmas present from my housemate and it comes with me everywhere :)

Dry-clean only sheets.
I recommend using these clever little sheets but due to a lack of tumble dryer in my current home I haven't used them for a while. With the sheets you just rub any spot stains on 'dry clean only' items and then pop the garment and the sheet in the tumble dryer to refresh and clean without paying expensive dry cleaning bills or risking putting it in the washing machine.

Sewing kit.
Pretty self explanatory really. Sometimes there will be little areas that need a few stitches or if you want to customise your second-hand garment you could always add new buttons or sew on a pretty peter-pan collar. There are loads of tutorials for customising clothing on Pinterest.

So there we have it. I hope these tips are helpful, whether you are a pro bargain hunter or if you're dipping your toe into the unknown world of second-hand shopping.

Do you have anything else that you would add to this list? I'd love to hear your tips & tricks too :)
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx

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  1. bobble remover? sorry but where have you been all my life???


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