Howdy everyone!
'Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things...'
So this 'Frugal Festvities' post is dedicated to the wonderfully underrated brown paper! 
You can pick up a roll really cheaply (I bought an 8 metre roll from Poundland) and jazz it up with all kinds of crafty bits to create some lovingly handmade wrapping paper :)

Here are some of my favourite designs:

Metallic Pen-Super simple yet really effective, draw Christmassy stars or trees or graphic shapes to keep it modern.

Fun Wool- Again a really easy 'why didn't I think of that' idea. Brightly coloured wool work well, as does wool with a fluffier texture. Glue the wool down to prevent your design coming undone and falling off!

Hand-Stamped- This stag design is perfect! It would be really easy to print off a stag silhouette and make a simple stamp on some cardboard. What about using half a potato as a stamp like in the good old primary school days for simple designs such as hearts or triangles?

Felt Accessories- I love the mini bunting & pom-pom ideas! Use scrap materials and string to create the bunting effect. You can pick up mini pom-poms cheaply in most pound shops.

Newspaper Names-Simple write the recipients name on newspaper, cut out & glue! What could be easier?! If your handwriting isn't the best, find a font on your computer ( is great) & try running newspaper through your printer (check the settings first!) and then admire your lovely neat handiwork :)

Cake Decorations-Trims for decorating Christmas cakes are a really pretty alternative to traditional ribbon. The metallic ones look lovely against the brown paper. If you want them for cheaps try...wait for it...the pound shops! Or if you want a fancier design look in specialist cake decorating shops.

All this wrapping research has spoilt me for choice, I want to do all of them!
How do you usually wrap your gifts?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. These are fab!
    I especially like the newspaper and cake decorations one!
    Love Aimie xxx

  2. I always like wrapping my presents in brown paper and then jazzing it up with nice ribbons! It's so cheap but looks nice too. I like stamping the paper too.

  3. this is a great idea. i usually wrap presents in brown paper but make really colourful tags from patterned cardboard - it's another cheap alternative when it comes to wrapping presents :) x


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