Hello everyone! 
As I mentioned in my last post, Firmoo sent me a pair of glasses to review :)

I first started wearing glasses when I was about 13 and I remember my first pair were a copper/red colour to go with my berry hair I had at the time. I remember feeling a bit self-conscious at first as I already had braces so I always thought of myself as the stereotypical geek! When I went to college I started wearing contact lenses, only wearing my glasses at night time to give my eyes a rest. I had been toying with the idea of getting a new pair of glasses recently as I think they have become more of a fashion statement and I always like experimenting with my style so changing my glasses is a new and exciting option!

I had never thought about ordering glasses online as I thought the ordering procedure would be a bit of a faff plus there is the possibility that when the glasses arrive they just don't suit you. However on the Firmoo website the ordering process is simple, they have a 'Try On' service where you can upload a photo of yourself to see if the glasses will suit your face shape, plus detailed measurements, reviews and customer photos so you can get a real idea of how the glasses look.
I decided on some large, tortoiseshell frames as I'm a bit of a leopard-print fiend and I love statement glasses. When they arrived I was really pleased, they suit my face (if I do say so myself!) and the prescription is spot on! I've been wearing them instead of my contact lenses on several occasions and have received lots of compliments from kind strangers :)
Firmoo are offering a free pair of glasses on your first order so you only pay the P&P which is a fantastic offer! They have many different shapes, colours and styles at great prices too. So if you are planning on getting a new prescription pair or even just a pair to wear as a fashion statement, have a look on their website! They also offer a free return/exchange programme so if they arrive and they're not quite right you can easily swap them or get a refund.
They also have a beautiful range of designer glasses for cheaps. I'm in love with this wooden, leopard print pair, they're totally going on my Christmas wishlist!

Let me know if you order a pair!
Have you bought glasses online before? Do you wear clear framed glasses as a fashion statement?
Thanks for reading & Thanks to Firmoo for sending me the glasses :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. You look amazing. I wear glasses too, but I've broken my pair from Specsavers and they cost me like £150! I really need to buy a new pair and I'm definitely thinking of trying some Firmoo glasses sometime.



  2. I love those glasses, they really suit you!! When I was at school I had braces and glasses, plus I was really tiny which seemed to make the whole thing ten times worse and would always forget my glasses and sit near the front so i could get away without wearing them, but now, I have a little obsession with glasses, I think I have about 9 pairs all with the same prescription in.
    My mum says I don't need so many pairs of glasses when I only have one pair of eyes. I then quickly remind that I also have one pair of feet but have hundreds of shoes.

    I have only ordered a pair of glasses once though online, but it was a bit of a faff and I ended up ringing the place to make sure my prescription was right as it was correct on the confirmation email. I may have to give Firmoo glasses a go.



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