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As the majority of you know I love a good bargain, especially if this bargain makes me a kind, ethical being who cares about the planet and the community :) I first heard about scrapstores when I was watching 'Superscrimpers' on Channel 4 and a family went to their local branch to get arty supplies for a birthday party or something. I very promptly hopped on Google to find my local store. There was one in Ulverston which isn't too far away from my mum's house so we decided to plan a visit to see what it was like. 
"Scrapstores support reuse of resources for community benefit through the diversion of clean reusable scrap waste materials from businesses"
When we arrived into the little back room in an old town building I didn't really know what to expect but although small, it was a foragers dream! I love finding diamonds in the rough so fishing through boxes of paper, fabric, paint and sequins for a morning was great fun! My mum & her friend were looking for items to use within their jewellery businesses, I was on the hunt for fabric and nice paper whilst my six year old sister was happy filling her bag with tinsel and rubber feet (?!)  You can fill a bag or basket for £5 which is great value as you just don't know what you're gonna find...
The scrap room
 My loot!
So in my bag I managed to cram in: 4 floral skirts (new in packaging) several sheets of paisley fabric, 3 tubes of iridescent sequins, 2 spools of wool, 6 sturdy cardboard tubes to make Christmas crackers with, 6 pieces of mdf wood and lots of pieces of textured wallpaper to use for wrapping my Christmas gifts!

I really wish we had something like this when I was at art college or even for doing my sketchbooks at uni as new paper and crafty bits really add up, by visiting a scrapstore you are helping reduce landfill and contributing to your local community. I thoroughly recommend a visit! To find your local scrapstore click here.

Do you make crafty things at christmas time? Would you visit a scrapstore?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I wish I had the time these days for fun crafts :( Those little things from the scrap store look great to work with!

    x Michelle |

  2. Hi Rachelle, many thanks for the coming to USS (Ulverston Scrap Store), glad you found lots of goodies! Look forward to seeing pics of what you've made with it all. Happy Creative Christmas & New Year, Corrin x

  3. That seems like a very sensible way to shop for crafts. And it keeps the world cleaner.

  4. Just a quick update folks the main head office has changed names to ReusefulUK, still the same great service just under a different name the website is and we can also be contacted by phone on 08449978000


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