Things That Make Me Happy!

Hey guys!
So another edition of 'Things That Make Me Happy', I've been sick *cough cough* and I'm getting into the swing of working almost every day, so I'm afraid it doesn't leave much time for outfit posts as I seem to miss the few hours of daylight that we have! Nonetheless I've still been snapping my favourite things to share with you all...

1) My first ever order from YOUREYESLIE arrived! Lava leggings & cat tee dresses :)
 2) I'm loving being back at The Body Shop & finally having a new badge instead of 'Customer Consultant'
 3) Buying Satsuma punnets from the markets YUM!
 4) My new spectacles from Firmoo (post coming shortly)
 5) Incredible sandwiches!
 6) I went to see Purity Ring with some lovely people I hadn't seen for ages! They were incredible!
 7) Obviously being ill is rubbish so medicine has been making me happy this week!
 8) Free after work cocktails from Revolutions :) Santa Baby & a Hot Voddy!

So there we have it. I've just worked out that I only have three days off between now and Christmas Day! I really need to get myself in a more productive routine, by the time I get home and have some tea I just wanna get into my pjs and watch crap on telly!
I'm planning on making a lot of Christmas presents this year so I will share my ideas and inspirations with you all in the next few posts :)
What has made you happy this week?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I am ill too! No wonder you are when you're working so hard though, get well soon! Those sandwiches should fix you up =) x

  2. Get well soon! At least you have that fabulous cat print to cheer you up! x

  3. i've been so ill recently too! get well soon!


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