Things That Make Me Happy!

Hi everyone, so this is a bumper edition of 'things that make me happy' because I've been a very chipper lady recently :)
 First day in my new house, my room needs 'whimsifying'
 2p machine dates
 Pretending to be classy
 Actually being classy (ish)
 Birthday drinks with my mateys :)
 Birthday message shout outs!
 The best carrot cake!
 Thierry Mugler Perfumes with leather ;)
 Beautiful autumn gardens
Looking up at a huge redwood tree!

It's a very random mixture but it's definitely the little things that make me smile :)

So just a quick update- I've settled in nicely into my new home, I'm getting into the swing of working almost every day too! I've got a day off tomorrow so I'm going to do have a mooch around the charity shops, make my room a little more homely, start my Christmas shopping (eek!) & see if I can find a space in this house that would be acceptable for outfit posts! I've got lots of new things to share with you all...

What has made you happy this week? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Thank you for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the nature pictures and you look adorable. @mas? We don't think about that until at least 20th December! x

  2. Just stumbled across your blog :) love that sparkler picture and haaa, I'm a fan of the wine carton too ;)

    Rosie x

  3. Place acceptable for outfit posts? Whats wrong with the cellar?

  4. Aw I used to love 2p machine, I haven't played on one in years :( Love your hair :) xx

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Awww I love sparklers and fireworks, they make me so happy too! That carrot cake so lovely! Congrats on moving into your new house, how exciting :-) yeah I really need to make a start on my christmas shopping too, it's creeping up fast.
    Lianne x

  6. 2p machines are my favourite thing ever! x


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