So I have some exciting news to tell you all, I've moved house & start my 'new' job tomorrow! Basically I got my old job back at The Body Shop but with a lot more hours which is great, I had to leave when I finished uni because there weren't enough shifts for me & the commute was silly. Since then my four-month job hunt has been unsuccessful, a lot of interviews, a few 'too experienced', a few 'not enough experience' and a whole bunch of ignored CVs is enough to drive anyone crazy! I'm looking forward to going back, the team is lovely and The Body Shop is a great company to work for!

I've moved to Lancaster, which is a lovely little city, still close to my family but far enough away! I'm living with one of the girls from work (Hiii Hayley!) & her boyfriend in a really cute house that I have nicknamed 'Whimsy Towers' due to the amount of whimsical things that are under that roof!

Anyway I've been dreaming thinking about how I want to style my new bedroom & Rockett St George have the most magical things on their website! I literally want everything! It has a strong emphasis on vintage inspired, hand-made & artistic pieces from baths to bedding to bracelets with an exclusive section too. I could honestly look through the website for hours! Here are a few of my favourite picks...

 I'll be sure to post some pictures when I'm all nicely moved in, there's still a few things that need tweaking & the walls are too bare for my liking. 

Have you been on Rockett St George before? what would your dream decor be?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Aaaah, yay, Lancaster! I so love that place, I'm heading there charity shopping tomorrow :) good luck with the new/old job! xo

  2. How exciting! These look incredible goodies too :) love the cups!


  3. That lucky neon light is amazing, I need that on my walls!xx

  4. ahh that decor is just gorgeous, I love that sofa!!

    Immi Sarah xx

  5. Those skeleton cups are amazing! Also love the velvet sofa, so nice x

  6. oh wow! I had never heard of Rockett St George before but have just went perusing on their website and now I want everything! It should come with a safety warning haha. Love those skeleton cups, very cool. Just found your blog and think its fab, so will definitely be following to stay up to date with you :-)
    Lianne x


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