Outfit of the day: BACK IN BLACK

So I finally got around to doing an outfit post for you guys! The weather in the Lake District has been shockingly bad, and whilst the rest of the country sizzles we've got yet more rain here-boo!
These photos were taken by my talented six year old sister! She wants to be a photographer/artist when she grows up (n'aww) When I was six I think my career choices were ballerina or princess!
Leather Jacket: River Island
Lightning Tee-ASOS
Snakeskin leggings-eBay
Sunglasses-Betsey Johnson via TKmaxx

Most of this outfit is old, apart from the ASOS tee that I got last week in the sale. I *accidentally* ordered £254 worth of sale clothes but I ended up sending most of it back as they were all funny sizes or just didn't suit me, which tends to be the case with ASOS, it's very hit and miss. Anyway I love this t-shirt. It's a size 8 but its incredibly over-sized. I feel very Vince Noir with the lightning bolts and the chelsea boots!
I bought these leggings for a shoot and decided to keep them for myself. At first I thought they were super tacky but I'm actually in love with them now. I bought them from this seller and they have other designs too.

I don't really have anything too interesting to report, I've spent most of my time job searching & sorting through all my belongings-boriing!
I spent the Weekend in Sheffield at Tramlines festival which was brilliant but I'll save that for my next post :)

Did you get any sale bargains recently? Does anyone know of any fashiony jobs in Manchester? I swear I've exhausted the job search tools ha!
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  2. Very Vince Noir; love it! And an impressive total spend on ASOS - I agree, their own-brand quality really varies.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster award, by the by - pop over to my blog for the deets.


  3. Love this outfit, the combo of chelsea boots, lace leggings and lightning print really rocks =)
    I would love to be able order £254 worth of stuff on asos!


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