Me being a goon and splashing in the puddles!

Sunglasses-Betsey Johnson via TKMaxx
Wellies-Hunter (stolen off mum!)

One thing I love about living back home is the gorgeous scenery around the village. So whilst the sun has been shining we decided to make the most of it and go for a long walk, complete with splashing in puddles and eating ice cream :)
 Previously me and my neighbour Stace had decided to have a DIY day and customise clothes that we no longer wore! First up was the levis jeans, my mum had bought them off eBay as full length jeans but they didn't fit her (they are apparently a size 16 which is LIES!) so I cut them off and decided to dip dye them in Dylon Flamingo Pink dye, they frayed really well in the wash and I'm so happy the way they have turned out!

The New York Yankees top was actually my brothers (he doesn't know I've stolen it shhh) but it had several holes so I decided to cut it into an oversized crop top and throw it in the left over dye, Its kinda patchy but I think it works!
So this outfit was essentially free :)
Stace made an amazing bleached jumper & the bright orange skinny jeans pictured below ...
Pretty woodland
Amazing ice cream, I got thunder & lightening which was yummy :)

DIY essentials 
Shorts in the dyeing process
Pretty pink and blue!
I really love dyeing my own clothes, it really can completely change a boring item of clothing into something more on trend and wearable.
Have you dyed any items of clothing before?
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx


  1. Those shorts are amazing! Super fab post :)

  2. Amazing the outfit looks great and Ilove walks like that it'. looks like a really nice day xx

  3. mmm, that ice cream looks so good!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  4. The shorts look great! I have no idea what that ice cream is with the bright blue and pink running through it but whatever it is I want some! :) xx

  5. you've dyed those shorts so well, I can't help thinking if I did it, it would end in disaster! delicious looking ice cream also <3

    // xx

  6. I always love a bit of DIY!

  7. What a coincidence, I tarted up a 1970s bag using that Flamingo Pink on Thursday night, it's such a fab colour and you look great!
    Are you based in Cumbria now? I'm going to be in Ambleside next month, any tips? xxx


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