My Week In Pictures!

'Christmas Light' Nails//Message in my advent calender//Free sweets!// My ever-growing collection of festive jumpers//Henry Holland bone tights//Crazy December schedule//Invite from the catwalk show we organised for our course//New Bracelets from my mum's jewellery line MagPie In The Sky

Hello strangers!
Life has been SUPER hectic the past few weeks so I thought I'd share a few snaps of whats been going on!
The uni semester is coming to and end and as soon as I finish for Christmas I'll be working at The Body Shop pretty much every day! No rest for the wicked eh ;) It's actually our Christmas work do tomorrow night so I'm really looking forward to that & hopefully I can capture a few outfit shots before I go out coz It has been, like FOREVER since I last did an outfit post! 
These photos were all taken on my new camera using the 'super-vivid' setting which I've taken to using at the moment to brighten up the dreary days :)

Hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of the festive season!
I'm going to Manchester Christmas markets on Monday! I'm looking forward to a cheeky mugful of mulled wine :)

Have you been to any Christmas markets yet? How organised are you with Christmas shopping?
Thanks for reading!
Rachelle xxx


  1. Oh, I'm dying to go to the Manchester Christmas markets! Your jumper collection looks amazing, I want to raid it! Lovely nails too.


  2. Those are the best glitter nails i've seen so far, just the right amount of sparkle! x

  3. Ohh its lovely i've been to the manc markets quite a few times already. I'm super jealous of your jumper selection. xxxx

  4. Your work schedule looks pretty much like mine! I think I will have forgotten what a day off feels like! Think of the money!

  5. Aw I forgot to get an advent calendar, think I'll pick one up today though :) x


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