Bargainous Beauty Haul!

I thought I'd share my latest beauty bargains with you all. I've not had chance to go to the flea market or charity shops properly for weeks now so I don't have any second hand goodies to update you with I'm afraid but make-up and beauty is the next best thing! I watched 'The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching' last night on 4od and it got me thinking (!) These people have been portrayed to be obsessive,weird and sightly insane for just wanting to save some money. It was obvious that all the people on the show got a real kick out of saving money & I admire their commitment to a frugal lifestyle but it also made me realise that they didn't enjoy the money that they had saved. I don't have any savings whatsoever because whatever I save on clothes,make-up & groceries gets spent on areas that are more difficult to scrimp on such as uni work (printing you are the bane of my life) and bills. Which is incredibly boring for me coz I'd love to be spending my well saved cash on holidays, husky puppies and a walk-in wardrobe but that just isn't gonna happen whilst I'm a student!

I like having branded products and food especially when I know that I've got them for a much cheaper price. Thats why some of my favourite shops are Tkmaxx, Homebargains and Boyes (only up north?).
The grand total of this beauty haul should've been £65.44 if I was buying at RRP but the total I paid was £7.42!

I bought:
-Wella Professional Colour Reflex Mask RRP £9.95 I paid £1.99 (Homebargains)
-Olay Total Effects Eye Cream RRP £18.99 I paid £2.99 (Homebargains)
-Einstein Lip Therapy Duo RRP £8.50 I paid 45p! (Homebargains)
-Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Lipstick RRP £12 I paid £1.99 (Boyes)
-Body Shop The Sparkler RRP £14 I paid nothing as it was a staff freebie :) (The Body Shop)

Let me know if you want me to review any of these products :)

Granted some of these items may not be the 'latest innovation' or in 'this seasons colours' but they are still being sold for the higher RRPs in places like Boots or in hairdressers. I think some people are a bit pretentious when it comes to where they shop and wouldn't be seen dead in Homebargains or Poundland and would rather pay a premium for the same product. At the end of the day its personal preference but if I end up with the same products for almost £50 cheaper I know which decision makes more sense in my head! 

Have any of you used these products before? What is your opinion on money & savings?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Great little haul! I really miss Boyes. At one point they were selling Urban Decay stuff for about £2 each.

  2. What an amazing little haul! I love being thrifty, but it really is a necessity, not just a lifestyle choice.. I'd love to be able to save money & go on holidays or treat myself on weekends away, but unfortunately I scrimp & save to pay off bills & debts! :(


  3. Home bargains is amazing and so is poundland. Even if i had a lot of manes i still think i would shop there because i love a good bargain x

  4. I wish we had a Home Bargains around here, I want those lipbalms!

  5. Id love to see a review of the body shop sparkler! Ive had my eye on it a while but not 100% sure xxx


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