Twenty First Birthday Shenanigans!

Hello everyone :)
I write this post knowing that I am now supposed to be a proper adult after reaching the grand old age of 21! I've had a lovely few days, on Thursday I went out for a meal with my dad, stepmum & the kids, it was a really great evening. I had chicken parfait to start & albeit a delicious main of salmon with creamy tomato & garlic pasta it wasn't the most photogenic of main courses! I also received my sexy new beast of a camera that I am in love with! I've had a Nikon for the past 5 years so i'm still trying to work out the Canon way of life. As you can see on some of the photos it has a fisheye effect setting which is amazing! 

So on Friday (my actual birthday) I had a chilled morning with my mum opening my cards and presents from the family. I got the 'It's not me it's you' book by Jon Richardson, I think he is such a great comedian and he's from the Lakes too so y'know he's practically one of ma homies! I've read a few chapters and honestly it is so funny! I was laughing out loud on the train and I'm sure people thought I was a loon.

On Friday evening I met up with my buddies in Prestons finest cocktail bar, Kuckoo. It was SO good! The service is amazing and the cocktails were yummy! They were laden with alcohol and sweeties and we got a whole round for free so I can't complain! The music in the bar was really good too and it was just a fun night :)

I'm going out with my work mateys on Monday so I'm really looking forward to that! Thanks for the birthday wishes on twitter too :) I've still got a hell of a lot of uni work to be ploughing through so i'm sorry I'm not updating as much as usual but hopefully I'll have it under control soon and get back to posting a few times a week :)
Rachelle xxx


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  2. happy birthday pretty, love your photos Xx

  3. happy birthday! looks like you had a wonderful time. i thought the pictures looked like cocktail factory, as much as i enjoy it in there, it's far too expensive!


  4. Aw, happy, happy belated 21st! Sounds like it was filled with awesome times and awesome food, too.

    x Michelle |

  5. Happy Birthday! I knew I recognised that cocktail - I love Kuckoo! Think I'll be going there for my birthday in a couple of weeks! :)

  6. I will have to get to preston for one of those cocktails :] I'm so glad you had a nice birthday xxxx

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a lovely time- all that cake! Yum yum


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