Mini-Trip: Sunny Brighton

I wore:
 Pink crop tee-Zara
Floral midi skirt- Charity shop
Black belt-Flea market
Asos floral blouse via Charity shop
Cut off jeans- Charity shop, customised by moi
( I did wear another outfit to the gig but forgot to take pics whoops!)

I had such an amazing time in Brighton! The weather was fantastic, the hotel was cute and I just loved the atmosphere of the seaside city. However public transport was not on our side, collectively we were delayed/waiting/broken down/stuck in traffic for around 8 hours!! The Megabus from Preston to Brighton took 11 hours instead of the initial 8 which was tedious but worth the £30 return fare for the both of us. Mikey absolutely loved it too; he fell in love with the huge turtle at the Sealife centre, got to see his favourite band-The Vile Imbeciles and cried a bit when I beat him at crazy golf. One purpose of doing all these mini-trips is to get an idea of where we want to move after we both finish uni. Preston is definitely not the place for us! So far Brighton is a very strong contender as we had such a relaxing, fun few days and the city is buzzing with creativity which is exactly what we want :)

Have you been to Brighton before?Where is your favourite place to visit in the UK?
Thanks for reading :)
Rachelle xxx

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  1. we're going to brighton in a few weeks - tho I've been loads before, and we were lucky to live nearby for a while - its one of my favourite places as its got the sea/city combination plus the amazing light quality and quirky architecture. love your photos; you look like you had a brill time.

  2. You look great! And these pics are fab.
    I've always wanted to go to Brighton, i live too far and I hate to travel - lame excuse, i know! But will soon plan a road trip there soon! x

  3. I'm so happy you played crazy golf! I really want to visit Brighton, it's on my list of places

  4. I haven't been to Brighton in years and am very envious of your trip. Your photos are beautiful.
    I'm very taken with that giant cat's insane grin.
    11 hours? Phew! A flight to India is shorter than that (but obviously not as bargainacious).
    I love Totnes in Devon, it's my favourite place in the UK. x

  5. NO WAY! I'm in the Very comp, too! Hahaha, Rachelle Bell, right? I definitely recognise you! I had no idea you had a blog, so I'm incredibly excited I found it!
    Ahhh... I've just had the funnest 10 minutes flicking through your posts on this here blog. You have great style and I really love your taste. That floral top you miraculously found while thrifting? Totally amazing. I'd wear it in a heartbeat - I just don't have the same luck when visiting charity shops, unfortunately!

    Anyway, happily following your blog now! Best of luck in the contest, I'd be happy if someone with your edge won it! (Then again, I'd be happy if I won, too. Hahahaha.) Especially since a few of those ladies are so obviously cheating. 250 votes in under 6 hours? Yeah, right.

    x Michelle |

  6. Amazing pictures. I've only been to Brighton once when I was assisting on a shoot for Company magazine. From what I saw it's gorgeous and I'm dying to go back - even more so after looking at your photos. xx

  7. Ohh I'm very jealous of your trip...I've always wanted to go to Brighton, it looks like such a great place!x

  8. wonderful pictures. i like your outfits.

  9. I looooove brighton!

    Isnt the burnt down pier the strangest sight ever! Its really creepy but amazing to look at.

    There is a bead shop on lanes called the brighton bead company and I can not get enough of the place! Snoopers paradise is also a really good vintage place

    Rianna xxx

  10. So beautiful. I'm jealous, I used to go to Brighton all the time but it must be 8 years since I last went.
    Your photography is amazing by the way.

  11. These photographs are gorgeous! I would love to go there! ;)

    xo Lynzy

  12. All these photos are so pretty, love the blue frog!
    I have never been to Brighton, it would take me aaaages to get there. I went to Birmingham for the first time this weekend and loved it, some nice places to shop and eat. My fave place ever is Hay on Wye, its a village in Wales on the border and most of the shops there sell books and they have a literary festival there every year. Well worth a visit x

  13. Awesome pictures! I've never seen a blue frog before..that was pretty cool! xoxoxoo

  14. I am in love with your hair and I want that blue frog as a pet.

    strawberry freckleface

  15. These photos are lovely, especially the deckchair one! I've never been to Brighton but it definitely looks worth a visit. I love both your outfits too :)

  16. I love brighton! The pavilion is so beautiful and the pier is wonderful. Also their high street is INCREDIBLE. Hope you had a nice time! Your outfit is so pretty x

  17. These photos are so beautiful! I've never been to Brighton sadly, only really visited London, York and the Lakes District when I've been in the UK. I loved all of those places though. They're all so different, but so interesting :)


  18. Brighton looks so awesome! really want to visit some day!

    loving your outfit!

  19. lol...I just noticed the sign that said "I came to Brighton and got crabs!". Pretty funny! Have a great weekend :-) xoxoxoo

  20. It looks so lovely there :D

    xxx London & Paris

  21. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad I stumbled onto this blog.

    -your newest follower
    Sing Along Forever

  22. love aquariums, this one looks incredible...aww jellyfih!

  23. Oooh I love Brighton!


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