Charity Shop Haul!

 Asos floral vest
 C&A daisy-print shorts
             Italian silk scarf
Betty Barclay Aztec blouse

Before work this morning I popped to the charity shop to donate a bag of my old clothes as I'm trying to have a clear-out and organise my wardrobe. However the naughty charity shop enticed me with a £1 sale on all womens blouses and tops! The asos top had horrible bow ties on the shoulders which I cut off as soon as I got home. The shorts are the cutest print ever and only cost 50p! I thought the scarf looked very regal and again it was only 50p-how could I resist?! And last of all is the Betty Barclay blouse. It looks sweet knotted at the bottom and has an unusual 'aztec' kind of print on the back with swirls and triangles. So the grand total of my morning spends came to £3! So I donated a bag of tat and got a bag of loveliness in return :)

As I mentioned I am actually trying to create a 'proper' wardrobe. I've been reading 'I haven't a thing to wear' which is advising me to get a suit for all seasons and a classic camel trench-coat. The thing is those staple 'classics' just aren't me! Virtually everything in my wardrobe includes a print or pattern but its investing in great-quality, versatile basics that I'm finding the hardest. I'm a student and have a limited budget after the rent and bills are paid but I want to have lovely quality basic clothes that will last me for the next 10 years, and work with all my vintage and market finds! If I invest in these wardrobe staples I can carry on with my charity shop obsession as I will always have something to wear with my bargains :) The mission begins...

So I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for three days-exciting! I've never been before but I'm really looking forward to it. I've got to pack first and try and guess what the weather is going to be like- I always dress so inappropriately for the weather! Also I need to mentally prepare myself for the 8 hour Mega-Bus journey...

Do you have a wardrobe that works well together or do you dream of  'the ideal wardrobe'? 
Can you recommend  some cute places to visit in Brighton?
Thanks for Reading :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. I absolutely adore the vest, & the shorts need to be hanging in my wardrobe! Please say you're selling them?!

    Great finds, i'm jealous..


  2. These are great finds! It's hard to describe where the tea shop is, maybe this will help -

    You will adore Brighton! It's just wonderful! Hope the 8 hour bus journey goes ok!

  3. Great picks! I really really REALLY need to get to my local charity shop and try to find something cool!
    Have a great time in Brighton-my boyfriend just got back! I'm super jealous I've always wanted to visit

  4. Great finds, really love the floral asos top. Can't wait to see what they look like on you x

  5. Great finds indeed! They have such wonderful prints!


  6. I can look at a wardrobe full of clothes and STILL feel like I have nothing to wear! haha maybe I need to get my wardrobe organised too.
    ps - those shorts are so cute! What a bargain!


  7. all the patterns on these items are so awesome. great buys! xx opinionslave

  8. LOVE the shorts, who knew C & A wasn't shit, it was just so many years ahead of its time!

    Penny x

  9. What amazing finds! I love the cute collar of the first blouse, and the daisy shorts are simply divine!

    Lost in the Haze

  10. Those are some great finds! I don't often get many good clothing finds when I go to charity shops, I have much more luck in the homewares sections and often leave with armfuls of goodies to make my house a little prettier.

  11. Great finds. I love the shorts. My wardrobe is a complete mish mash, I think its important to have fun with fashion... And who can resist the lure of the charity shop?


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