A Very big favour to ask...

Well it's only a small favour but it could have a huge impact on me! Very are currently running a competition on their Facebook page offering the person with the most Facebook 'likes' a styling contract with them for a year worth a whopping £50k! Now at the moment I am first!!!! However the competition is on for another month and it's already getting fierce! People who have joined in the last few hours are already catching up! I have spammed all of my Facebook friends and now I turn to you lovely blog readers for help :) All you have to do is like the page and then vote for me its as simple as a couple of clicks!

I'm studying styling at uni and it really is such a great opportunity but sadly instead of being chosen for actual talent it's based on how many friends you have on Facebook...
So pretty please could you all take a second and vote for me HERE and if you don't mind reposting it on your blog/twitter/facebook that would be absolutely fantastic :) Thank you so much :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. Thanks so much Helen :) I appreciate it! Its getting tough to stay in the top three now. People with a gazillion facebook friends/blog followers votes are going up like crazy! xxx

  2. Voted for you :)
    stop by?
    if you like follow? x


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