Thrifty Herb Garden

Yesterday I went to the flea market and decided that I wanted to create a little herb garden on my kitchen windowsill. The pots were £2 for all three and the herbs were 49p from Aldi. I chose mint, basil and parsley. It's an easy way to brighten up the kitchen and for a couple of quid it is a cheap and cheerful addition to the home :)

I can't wait to have my own proper garden when I grow up but for now I'll have to cope with a yard and windowsills!
 Rachelle xxx


  1. I'm still jealous of these! I want some too. They look so pretty in their pots :)

  2. Lovely! The posts are so pretty too. My boyfriend has been growing herbs this summer!!

  3. So cute! It's great having herbs about the place for cooking

  4. I always buy supermarkets herbs and just keep watering them and using them, they grow really well and last a few months! Way easier than growing from seed.


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