Holker Garden Festival

This weekend I've been back in The Lakes to celebrate my mum's birthday :) We managed to blag some freebie tickets into the garden festival at Holker Hall which is about 2 miles away from my mum's house. Bizarrely neither of us had ever been to the gardens or the annual festival before! The hall and it's gardens are truly beautiful, like something you would find in Alice in wonderland. Once again I totally underestimated the weather and only packed tights and cardigans for the weekend and what a scorcher it ended up being! So as I am so rubbish at packing relevant outfits I had to raid my mums wardrobe (read 'floordrobe') and found this floral Lipsy dress that she used to wear about 14 years ago! It is incredibly butt skimming so I opted for shorts underneath so as not to give any flower folk a heart attack! I also bought this cute straw hat from one of the stalls at the festival for a cheap and cheerful £5. I've been looking for a summer hat for a while now and I really fancied one of those black floppy hats but they just don't suit me.
So on the festival grounds itself there was all sorts of things going on; obviously flower and garden displays, there was a parrot show which was really good, 'Stallions of Substance' who are an 'equine display' group, basically horses dancing and doing tricks but that was great too and there were so many stalls selling locally produced foods and crafts, I was a big fan of the Grasmere gingerbread and the damson gin ;)
The highlight of the day was when the hedge-men sung happy birthday to my mum (watch the video!) tears of laughter were streaming down my face when I was recording it so sorry for the wobblyness but the whole thing was so surreal! They had already sung it once and I said 'gaah I wish I had recorded that' then they were jumping up and down saying 'again again' it their hysterical voices so it had to be done :)

I am now ridiculously sunburnt! I put some factor 50 on before I went out because I tend to burn easily and I missed so many bits so I have burnt red patches everywhere which isn't a good look! Savlon aftersun spray is saving my life right now!

How many of you got sunburnt last week?! The rain is back in Preston now boo :(
Thanks for reading.
Rachelle xxx


  1. those poor shaved llamas/alpacas look hilarious! x

  2. Oh my those llamas ^_^ the gardens look so stunning in the sunshine!

    Love your outfit, the hat and converse look really cool with the dress xoxo

  3. Those gardens look beautiful! The alpacas look really sad though :(
    I am sunburnt too! I've burnt my shoulders and my legs

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos, Rachelle! Hope your mum had a lovely birthday - and the weather held up over the weekend! Bonus! xxx

  5. hahah the video is amazing! you look great my love. hope your mum had a good birthday x

  6. That hat!!!! Ha Video is brilliant!

  7. gorgeous pictures! :) am loving looking through your blog x

  8. what a wonderful place ! and I love your outfit :)


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