The Wedding

So as I said in my previous post this weekend started on Friday when we went to Mikey's cousin's wedding! I had never actually been to the whole Shebang before usually it's just the odd night do here and there but this time I was there for the ceremony, the meal and the night do which was really lovely. The sun was shining all day and the venue's gardens were gorgeous. I don't wanna blab on too much coz other peoples weddings are boring if you don't know them personally! It was just a really nice start to the weekend...

Dress: Oasis
Shoes: Primark

I had a spray tan the night before which looked absolutely ridiculous once I'd had it done I was SO orange! After I washed it off in the morning though I think it turned out okay in the end. I don't look obviously tanned but I have a bit of a glow still! Also I got my nails done and she painted them this amazing glittery bluey colour which is O.P.I 'Simmer and Shimmer'.

How amazing is the wedding cake? Those cupcakes were DELICIOUS with thick, lemon frosting, edible glitter and icing butterflies :)

I'll update you with the rest of my weekend shenanigans soon :)
Thanks for reading,
Rachelle xxx


  1. The wedding cake is beautiful, cupcake cakes are the best. Lovely colour scheme too- think I'd have the same if I got married!

  2. ahh looks lovely, I dont find them boring! you look lovey, not tangoed at all x

  3. You looked great! I love the nails!
    The cakes look so yummy too!

  4. that wedding cake is my dream wedding cake, an endless supply of cupcakes mmmmm!! i've never had a spray tan but always been intrigued because im so pale i think i'd look amusing with a little colour. even after spending 3 months in south east asia i was as pale as a slice of bread. love the pattern on your dress and LOVE the nails =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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