Sixty Years...

Hello! So this post is dedicated to the Saturday of my super busy weekend, It was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary so all my family went for a meal at The Netherwood hotel in Grange-Over-Sands (Lake District). I love it there its such a beautiful building with delicious food. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery after being there for about an hour so no outfit photos I'm afraid. Probably a good thing as I was suffering with 'food baby poking through maxi dress syndrome' haha so worth it though, check out the desserts :)

My grandparents had made photoboards that were displayed in room and showed everyone at different stages in their life. The black and white, round photo is me when I was two years old holding my baby brother which is sweet. The next photo down is my grandparents on their wedding day when they were both 20.
It was really nice to be home and see my mum and little sister who is looking really cheeky in the last pic! 

Sunday was fairly chilled out, my mum and I went to the beauty salon to use some vouchers she had from Christmas. I got a laavly pedicure and mum had the little fishies eating her feet which looked bizarre but they did a good job nibbling the dry skin away! I also got a free O.P.I nail varnish which was a cheeky bonus :)
The rail services have a bus replacement for the next 3 months to and from my mums which is very annoying as it took over 2 hours to get home on Monday morning rather than the usual 40 minutes on the train.

I've got an essay to do and a photoshoot to plan before Monday and I'm working Friday, Saturday and Sunday so yet another busy weekend but not of the fun variety boo! :(
Thanks for reading, 
Rachelle xxx


  1. Wow the desserts look amazing!Ive have the fish feet thing- its very strange!
    I feel very sorry for you and your train/bus situation it happened a few years ago between mine and my fellas and I hated it. :/

  2. So that's what a fish pedicure is?! I saw someone dressed as a fish holding a board advertising this today! Zeitgeist!
    The dessert looks ammmaaazing, love mini puddings


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