1) Saint Paul's Cathedral 2) Yohji Yamamoto exhibition 3) Fish-finger and avocado burger from Guerilla Burgers 4) Glamour strawberry glaze Krispy Kreme 5) Unilever series-Ai Weiwei's sunflower seeds 6,7,8)
Chanel goodies.

On Tuesday my uni class went to London for the day for a 'research trip'. We were originally meant to go to Paris for three days but it worked out too expensive so we had to make do with eight hours in London instead. This was only my second ever visit to London, I really like the city but as I'm from a tiny village in the Lake District I find it all a bit overwhelming!

Selfridges had set up a 'Chanel Cinema' screening the new Coco Mademoiselle' campaign. They had a mini quiz and there were freebies up for grabs. I like the Chanel pencil best haha. How cute is the teeny bottle of perfume though? I love miniature versions of things...

So I don't really know how much 'research' I did, I met up with one of my best friends from school which was lovely and finally experienced Liberty! I have such a busy weekend planned, I'm going to my boyfriend's cousin's wedding tomorrow, then back to the Lakes for my grandparent's diamond wedding anniversary on Saturday, Sunday I get to chill out at mum's in the morning then back to Preston to crack on with my uni work! So I'm a busier bee than usual!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I think I might do a giveaway soon when I've reached 60 followers to say thanks to all my readers :)
Rachelle xxx


  1. ooh the chanel goodies look cute! the pencil is adorable haha. sounds like you've got a bit of a hectic weekend :) hope it's fun! x

  2. The burger looks delicious, I love avocado! Looks like you had a fun, if not very productive day. The Chanel goodie bag is sooo cute, wish the Selfridges here would do something like that!
    Thanks for your comment...and I work in a cinema so I have a hair-ruining baseball cap to wear :'(

  3. BUSY WEEK! I wanted to see that exhibition at the V&A, and they have a section on at the Wapping Projecy by the same designer where his dress is hung over a lake and you have to row out to it in a little boat! how cool! What did you think of the one at the V&A? x


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