Pleats and Punk

Blondie T-shirt-Amplified (cut up by me!)
Skirt-Charity Shop
Shoes- Converse Ox via Ebay.

I had work 10am-2pm today, I quickly changed out of my sickly uniform. I have to wear a baby pink top that says 'Ask me for a FREE make-over!' yeah it's not very attractive. This is just a relaxed 'ooh its sunny' outfit. I'm going to see does it offend you yeah? tonight so I need to find something else to wear for that!

I'd seen people wearing these long, pleated midi-skirts all over the place and I knew I needed one in my life. I'm super-skint at the moment so I put off buying the £38 one from Topshop and I'm so glad I did as on the way home I popped into my local charity shop and lo and behold there was this skirt, IDENTICAL to the one in Topshop, in my size for £1! 

I absolutely love Debbie Harry and loved her style back in the heydays of Blondie. She's actually headlining Kendal Calling festival which I usually go to each year but the tickets have gone up so much I don't know if I can afford :( Has anyone been to Kendal Calling before? I met my boy there so it's become a mini tradition to spend our anniversary at the festival.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the sunshine:)
Rachelle xxx


  1. this is fab, you're so rocking that length! your hair is very jessie j too :) xx

  2. debbie harry is such a style icon, i adore here plus bondie are frigging awesome!!! great outfit and nice work on find a one pound skirt, way better then forking out 38 quid

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. Blondie are amazing! This outfit is also amazing! xx

  4. Love love love your outfit!
    That blondie tee is amazing! xx

  5. Good work, those skirts are so trendy at the moment, but £38 is scary when we will probably all be sick of them soon!
    And believe me, my uniform is much worse than yours ;)

  6. I love does it offend you yeah? Hope you have a nice time! Love the sunny outfit, I'm enjoying any sunshine I can get at the moment!
    Sami xx


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