Thrifting VS The High Street

Yesterday I went to scour the charity shops for props and clothing to use in my upcoming photoshoot. My sourcing was pretty unsuccessful for the shoot but I managed to bag a few bargains for my personal wardrobe :)
I watched 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow' last night, which is incredibly cheesy but interesting to watch from a styling students point of view. Anyway I love the way that Gok and Brix have a 'Face-Off' using designer and high-street clothing but I found that even Gok's purse-friendly high-street ensembles were costing around £500 for a complete outfit! So I decided to compare my thrifty finds with some similar items found online...

 Sorry for crappy quality pics of the cardigan I just couldn't get it right! It is more of a bottle green colour.

Vintage Dorothy Perkins Floral Dress- £1
Pringle oversized Cable Cardigan- £2.50
Vintage St Clair Blue Jumper- £2
Total cost =£5.50


                                                         Next Floral Skater Dress £35
Motel Agatha Cardigan £35
ASOS Sewn-on Squiggle Jumper £40 £20
Total cost =£90

Thrifting wins :)

Rachelle xxx

I don't really understand what is going on with the layout in this post, on the preview it is showing them all neatly together and now I've posted it's very spread out! I'm gonna have a tweak about with the layout settings...


  1. love this post. i actually prefer the things you've found! especially the green cardigan, it's lush! xo

  2. I love the Dorothy Perkins dress!xx

  3. thrifting rocks! fab blog, i'm following

  4. Love what you found, i much prefer your finds to the highstreet ones! xxx

  5. i've just found your blog and i bloody love it - definitely a new follower! i also love your comparisons here - much better than gok (who is a genius but also has too much money)

    elle x


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