Hello! Sorry for my slight lack of posting I was doing so well too...
We've been given all of our work at once for this semester and its making me feel stressed just thinking about it. I'm going to have to really really try hard with my time-management. That always seems to be my downfall, I start off well with all my research and my initial ideas but then I get bored and end up leaving everything else to the last minute. I think its all the documenting of every little detail that is the tedious part.

For our 'fashion image' module we have to set up a blog and record all of our inspiration and ideas on there which is definitely better then spending half of my life cutting and sticking into a sketchbook. So I've been busy trying to keep that updated as it is worth 40% of the module grade. If anyone is interested they can have a look here.

I've not really done much this week apart from the usual uni, housework and working-exciting I know aha.
I got my hair done though & I love the new colour. Its a slightly more reddy/purple colour but the photo doesn't really do it justice! Its not a massive change from what I had before. Its more of an angular bob now with some deep blue streaks in the fringe. 

I can't believe its nearly the weekend already!Where has this week gone?! I'm looking forward to Monday though because me and my boyfriend are going to see The Blanks aka Ted's band from Scrubs :) I absolutely LOVE Scrubs so I cannot wait to see them!

I hope you've all had a lovely week :)

Rachelle xxx


  1. Your other blog is really inspiring so I'm following now :) xx

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I love it!

  3. keeping a blog for uni sounds amazing, such a good idea! you're right about the cutting and sticking - hated that part at uni haha. your hair looks amazing, really makes your eyes POP! beautiful (: xo

  4. Your hair looks lovely :)
    Great blog, now following xx


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