Polka dots,leopard print and floral!

Jumper dress: Dorothy Perkins, Blouse(only collar showing): Charity shop, Belt: Charity shop, Tights: Betsey Johnson, Boots: Dr Martens, Watch: Lorus Ring: MagPie in the Sky

These were taken in my backyard, it's shared with the shoe shop that I live above so it's kinda grotty ha! I feel like I should invest in some pretty potted plants and a lovely garden bench just to cheer the place up.

I don't usually wear this many prints all at once but I felt in a 'patterny' mood today. The tights are Betsey Johnson ones that I picked up really cheap in tkmaxx so I'm praying that they will last longer than all the Topshop and ASOS tights that are costing me £8 a pop and laddering after one wear :( I need to find somewhere that does extra long,extra thick indestructible tights for a cheap price-maybe asking too much?

Rachelle xxx


    Clothes for lanky types xxx

  2. This is a wonderful outfit, great hair too.

  3. You have quite possibly the best blog title I've ever stumbled across. Good look too :o)

    Penny x

  4. Aw Penny thank you so much *smiles* It did take me a while to think of it if I'm being honest...
    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to check out my blog too, I'm completely new to all this so it's lovely to have some positive feedback and encouragement :):):)

  5. great combination! The polka dot collar with the animal print and lace tights!
    very cool!


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