Flea market finds

Here are some of my favourite 'treasures' I've accumulated since September from the completely underrated Preston flea market and the charity shops on my street. Last year I pretty much ignored the second hand phenomena, I'd use eBay but I'd never been to a flea market before it just seemed too daunting. We were briefly introduced to it as part of our styling project, in groups we were given £3 to get as many props and accessories for a shoot as we possible could-bartering and all! I was amazed at how much we bought for so little money and how unique and well made some of the items were.

Now I'm hooked and I rarely buy things from the high street, I used to be a bit of a Primark addict before but I quickly realised that if there was a particularly nice item in Primark everyone would have snapped it up! Now I look for good quality items in charity shops and often pay next to nothing, plus I'm getting a cheaper and more exciting/versatile/unique wardrobe whilst helping a good cause.

My second-hand windowsill!

Authentic Russian dolls

Lamp candle, Italian leather bottle with engraved ship, golden cat

I love this little mirror it cost me just £1! The brass finish and metalwork is gorgeous. It reminds me of something you would find in an old ship.

At the moment I have a bit of a peacock obsession! This plate is hanging on my wall and I'm in love with the colours and the intricate pattern.
This is a close up of a picture I found in the charity shop, the photo really doesn't do it justice! It cost just £2 which is a bargain as I saw a similar (less shiny, smaller) version in TKmaxx selling for £35! Old antique maps and globes really fascinate me. There is a bit of information about the map on the bottom of the picture and it says this is a reproduction of a 1605 world map!

I fell in love with the little floral cream cat as soon as I saw her! She must be pretty old because the pottery has turned crackly. The company that it is made by is Bairstow Manor Pottery which I have never heard of but I'm not really a pottery expert! The cat is hollow so I want to put a cute little pot plant inside but I haven't found one small enough yet!

If your from Preston or the surrounding area I really cannot recommend the flea market enough! It is on every Tuesday and Thursday in the covered area where the normal market is held.
       My advice is:
  • Get there as early as you can, from my experience after midday the best things have usually gone and most people start to pack up after 1pm
  • Don't be afraid to haggle, just don't be cheeky about it. If something has £10 label on politely ask if they would accept any lower. If they don't want to accept just walk away, what usually happens is that the merchant will come to there senses and try and strike a deal!
  • Make friends with the stallholders that sell items that you like, I don't mean be best buddies and add them on Facebook but be friendly, ask about the items they are selling because they often have an interesting story behind them. Once you have bought from them a few times or at least had a nice chit-chat then you are more likely to get a better price. My favourite line is 'Aw seeing as it's you...(insert cheaper price)' 
  • Be prepared to 'get your search on', Some of the stalls on the market are just piled high with random bits and bobs, you can't expect to see something amazing without having a proper look. Wearing gloves or keeping some hand sanitizer in your bag is probably a good idea because you never know where things have been. Unwashed clothes, dusty things that have been living in an attic or damp garage-it's not glamorous but worth it if you find something that you will love!
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Thanks for reading xxx


  1. Love this post! I think your golden cat is my favourite!
    Im glad you're getting used to blogging! It's so addictive though, I can't get off my laptop most of the time! x

  2. Ahh, second hand and vintage is the best! That mirror you got is lovely and what a bargain. You've found some great stuff.

  3. Your Russian Dolls are beautiful!
    You have a great eye for vintage/antique things. I wish I could get to more fairs and markets.
    Thank you for visiting/commenting on my blog :)

  4. Thanks Caroline!I'm a total convert now:) I have to make sure I go every week now so that I don't miss out on anything hehe xxx

    Aww thank you Kate! I fell in love with the Russian dolls, The stall had loads and loads of different sorts of them. I had no idea about the flea market until last year so maybe check if your local market has a day that they run one too? xxx

  5. Great thrify tips! cheers rach! bravo xx


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