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I'm a huge fan of the Alice in wonderland story. I loved the original Disney cartoon, the Tim Burton re-make, the Syfy TV special ( check it out it's amazing, a totally different twist on the story) and this sneaky little version here. I'd never seen this film before but on Boxing day as I was flicking through the Channels looking for a film to watch whilst I slobbed on the sofa and demolished a tin of quality street, this was showing on channel five. It  was made in 1999 so I was quite surprised that I'd never seen or heard about it before! Alice is played by a young Tina Majorino aka Deb from Napoleon Dynamite! Robbie Coltrane plays Tweedledum and Whoopi Goldberg is the Cheshire Cat! 

Anyway seeing the film jogged my memory of all the lovely, whimsical homeware on . I only stumbled across the website by accident a couple of months ago but it is a brilliant accident! I personally cannot afford the majority of the items on the site but it has inspired me to keep a look out on the flea market and in charity shops for similar things. Here is a selection of the items I want in my Wonderland style dream house!

 Dream chatter Cat Tumbler- £12
This cute glass reminds me of Dinah-Alice's' kitten.
It has 'Now I can't remember any of it' etched onto the glass which is very random but also inkeeping with the Alice theme!

teacup alley wallpaper-sale price £29.95 was £58.00
This is a genius invention!It is self-adhesive wallpaper which means no messy wallpaper paste. The adorable blue and white teacup theme would look super-cute in a small area of a kitchen or dining room. Although when I say small area it would have to be at almost £30 a roll!

Keyhole hooks-sale price £11.95 was £22
These coat hooks are lovely and would actually encourage me to hang up my coats as at the moment they are living on the backs of my chairs!I really like the brass finish too :)

 Tall teapot pendant- £95
Oh how I would love to have an assortment of teapot lights dangling from my kitchen ceiling!At £95 each I don't think it would be a very thrifty thing to do with my student loan! But ooh soo prettyy...
 Laelia bedding- from £48-£128
In most of the films they always include a beautiful garden and this floral bedding is bright with intricate stitching and embroidery. I might have to find some similar fabric and get nifty with my hand sewing skills as my sewing machine is not my friend at the moment!

Tea service cookie stand- £138
This cake stand captures the essence of the mad hatter's tea party! I think with a bit of careful planning and some very strong glue(!) this would make a great DIY project and it would probably cost a fraction of the price if the teacups and saucers were bought second hand!
Monogrammed mug- £6
Again, these lovely mugs would be quite simple to customise if you made a stencil and used waterproof paint. 

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  1. what a lovely teapot light! :) I love all things tea related :P xx


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